Opulent Jewelers Launches #Unbeatable Campaign to Help Wary United Customers

Opulent Jewelers Launches #Unbeatable Campaign to Help Wary United Customers

Opulent Jewelers Launches #Unbeatable Campaign to Help Wary United Customers

The incident involving the violent removal of a passenger from a United Airlines flight days ago at Chicago O'Hare International Airport has sparked many controversial responses, yet one of the funniest commentaries is that from Opulent Jewelers just outside of Philadelphia. 

For those not familiar with the viral video of passenger Dr. David Dao that's already spreading through most major social-media websites in China by now, here's a quick summary of what happened. Essentially, no one volunteered to give up their seat on a supposedly overbooked United Airlines flight when the crew asked them all over the intercom. Additional crew members and supporting police officers "randomly" selected Dr. Dao to get off the plane, even though he protested that he had patients waiting to see him. When the man refused to get up, several men from the support staff beat him and dragged him off of the airplane while shocked onlookers filmed the whole thing on their smartphones, posting the videos online shortly afterward. 

The resulting social-media response is reaching epic proportions on every platform, giving United Airlines perhaps one of the worst public-relations nightmares they've ever dealt with. Some are genuinely horrified at the incident.

For example, The New York Times quoted another doctor on Twitter as saying:

"I am a cardiologist who has been asked to provide emergency care on two separate flights. I never received, or expected, anything in return, but is it too much to expect that they won't beat you?" 

Others have begun making endless jokes at United's expense, causing a giant PR headache for them.

However, Opulent Jewelers has given a noteworthy response that both sympathizes with the mixed sentiments of United passengers and adds some tasteful humor to the tense debate. They've chosen to make a statement by way of giving a discount to those who might deserve it the most right now: all United passengers.

An Opulent representative has said:

"If you're brave enough to fly United Airlines after watching the viral video of how the staff beat and dragged that man off an 'overbooked' flight, then we believe you deserve a reward. Since we're in the jewelry business, we thought, 'What's the hardest jewel you can buy to survive a rough off-boarding without damages?' The answer is clear: diamonds. They're virtually indestructible and last forever, even through the worst forceful removals from any flight. That's why we're offering special discounts on diamond jewelry right now by providing a special coupon code to anyone with a valid United Airlines ticket. After all, diamonds are just about the only thing that's truly 'unbeatable,' right?"

For more details about this limited-time offer from Opulent Jewelers, contact Opulent's staff for more information by emailing us at contact@opulentjewelers.com.

Image by (Vincent Yu)

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