Mimi Milano Violet Jade Diamond Earring 0002496
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Mimi Milano Pearl Gold Hoop Earrings 0001025
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Mimi Milano Pearl Gold Hoop Earrings 0001024
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About Mimi Milano Jewelry

Fausto Broggian founded the jewelry company Mimi Milano, in 1950 as a distributor of watch straps and diamonds throughout Italy. By 1980 Broggian’s diamond trading reputation was recognized and sought after internationally.

Fast forward to 2000, and this luxurious jewelry collection is simply referred to as MIMI. It epitomizes the style of women who are independent and know their style. Some would describe MIMI as a witty, spontaneous, and feminine jewelry line. It indulges the essence of timeless jewelry with superior stones and classic metals.

The hypnotic rhythms of the Tam Tam Collection emphasize lines that are dark and light, a dazzling balance of diamonds, onyx, and the mother-of-pearl set in white gold. In contrast, the Lollipop Collection is expressed in vibrant colors and is forged in creativity, and allows women to choose what matches their fashion ensemble.

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