We have partnered with Farringdon Jets to bring a unique luxury shopping experience to the our clients and the world. We wanted to celebrate the return of travel in a way that we know our clientele would love. So if you've been cooped up for far too long, are sick of shopping online and want to get out of the house we can help.

This vacation experience starts off with us and ends with you relaxing on the beaches of Marbella with your significant other. Diamonds & Designers makes for the perfect gift to buy that fashionista in your life. Wether if be for a birthday, anniversary or special occasion you will gift that person the experience of a lifetime.

You will spend up to fourteen days traversing the most incredible fashion destinations in Europe. You will not only have bespoke private shopping experiences, but dining and culture intertwined to make up the most exclusive shopping vacation the world has seen to date.


Before your flight even takes off, you will join us from the comfort of your home and start the shopping experience. Our live video shopping experience will allow you to pick out something special from our collection of fine jewelry. This piece will be overnighted to your home and will mark the start of an epic journey to some of the best fashion districts in the world.

From here, you'll be planning your completely bespoke luxury shopping vacation with the team at Farringdon Jets. Each experience is tailor-made for your taste, fashion style and which brands you love. You will start out in London before jetting off to Paris and Milan over the course of ten to fourteen days. 

Every guest's journey is unique to them and they will craft this experience together every step of the way. Not only will you enjoy private shopping tours with the world's best designers and brands, but exquisite local cultural experiences.

You will also work one on one with a designer of your choice to craft ether a unique garment, handbag or one of a kind piece of jewelry. This will be crafted only for you and will be a forever reminder of this special trip.

To make things even more exciting, we've got an optional fashion photographer and videographer on call to assist you in creating social media content as you go. The day's experience will be shot as you go and quickly edited and sent to you for use across a variety of platforms. 

We have also secured and article with a fashion magazine to do a story based on your journey across Europe. We wanted to include this as it takes luxury shopping to a level beyond anything anyone has ever offered before.  

The expression shop until you drop certainly has real meaning. After all that shopping and touring we wanted to let our guests relax before heading back home. Before taking your private jet back to reality, you will spend a few days at a private villa in Marbella. Here you can unwind, soak in the sun and spend some much needed relaxation with your significant other.