#JUSTINCASE - Our Ashley Madison Hack Victim Backup Plan

#JUSTINCASE - Our Ashley Madison Hack Victim Backup Plan

If you're a divorce lawyer you probably feel like a big fat cat in a box full of slow moving hamsters today. #AshleyMadison #feedingFrenzy
— Whitey McPrivilege (@yankeebrit77) August 19, 2015

Well it certainly has not been a good couple of months for Ashley Madison users, especially not today since the data was leaked online. While we don't condone cheating here at Opulent Jewelers we are still often found helping a client pick out something lavish for what we can only describe as their "wrong doings". We're all human at the end of the day and that means we will make mistakes. Sadly for you, this one is a big one so you'll need a little something just in case the s!%# hits the fan.

When news of the Ashley Madison hack first broke out the quick witted people over at 1-800 Flowers offered victims a discount on their products. While this was a hilarious marketing ploy we thought that a bouquet of flowers just wasn't going to cut it. After an hour of reading comments on Reddit threads on the topic, we found others also had come to the same conclusion.

We thought we would jump on the bandwagon not because we're shameless, but because we actually have the level of gift you should be really thinking about. We think the 1-800 Flowers offer should be accompanied by our fine jewelry in order to stand any chance with your significant other.

Spend At Least $10k & Save $500 With JUSTINCASE

Our curated selection of fine estate jewelry features some of the most sought after items the world over. So if you're wanting to start that path down redemption lane then mosey on over to our /Shopand see what might get you out of the dog house and at the very least sleeping in the bathtub. Remember that since you've such a naughty boy our promo only works for jewelry worth $10,000 USD and onward. If you ask us, she really really would like the BVLGARI Diva Diamond Gold Ring we have for special occasions.