Building the Perfect Safe: Interview with Stockinger Bespoke Safes

When you've got a truly impressive collection of designer jewelry, you naturally want to store your all of your pieces in a manner that's not only safe and convenient, but visually pleasing as well. It should come as no surprise, then, that the market for luxury safes has grown hotter than ever in recent years - and there is no better example of this than Stockinger Bespoke Safes! We had the pleasure of speaking with Stockinger's Dominik von Ribbentrop about what makes his company great, why luxury-lovers can't resist custom pieces, and what they have planned for the future. Enjoy!

Opulent Jewelers: Thank you for speaking with us, Dominik. Could you tell our readers a bit about Stockinger Bespoke Safes and what you offer?

Dominik von Ribbentrop: It is a pleasure speaking to you. Stockinger Bespoke Safes offer the perfect combination of a unique, high-class design and maximum security. There is no “either – or decision”. We believe in bespoke solutions and are driven to create and manufacture the perfect safe for our clients’ individual demands. Whether it is watches they need to wind, a collection of jewelry, documents, coins, cash or stamps, a Stockinger safe will secure them all. Our safes are the perfect storage solution for watch aficionados. Our watch winders will keep their automatic watches ticking away in a secure, made-to-measure storage space. This is the ultimate care for automatic watches.

In terms of security, our safes carry the high VDS rating VDS III or IV according to EU norm 1143-1 that in our view and experience are the perfect levels of protection for private use. Stockinger safes have a multi-wall safe construction, which allows the lightest possible weight combined with a maximum-security level. The bolt mechanism locks the safe on all four sides. As a result of that, no Stockinger safe has ever been broken into.

Opulent Jewelers: Which safe would you regard as your "flagship" product, and what sorts of features does it include which make it so popular?

Dominik von Ribbentrop: The two sizes that work best for our customers are the model ISIS (Editor's Note: The Blue Safe Pictured Above) and the model CHIMERA. Both models are often equipped with our reliable German-made watch-winding technology. Watch collectors in particular appreciate our safes due to their very high security level in combination with their optimal moving of automatic watches. That is the best you can do for your watches and for your piece of mind.

Opulent Jewelers: Just what is it about bespoke creations that makes them so desirable to clients in the luxury lifestyle industry?

Dominik von Ribbentrop: What unites our customers is that they are all private individuals, passionate collectors of watches, jewelry, art and designed objects. They want to surround themselves with beauty and want to reward themselves for their achievements in life. They want to have quick access to their valuables and therefore store a safe very often in their dressing room or study. Our customers travel a lot and want peace of mind when they travel. They want to know that they have done the best to protect their valuables. One customer group stands out, and this is the group of watch aficionados, the most knowledgeable and demanding group of watch collectors. These collectors appreciate Stockinger safes with our integrated watch winder technology. Our customers all expect the best service, best advice and cherish “manufactured in Germany”. They know they will get the best quality that protects their most precious belongings for many, many years to come.

Opulent Jewelers: For clients who spend a lot of time in their yachts or vacation bungalows, do you offer any safes which better suit those kinds of space-constrained circumstances?

Dominik von Ribbentrop: Stockinger offers safes in different sizes to satisfy all kinds of needs for our customers. The smallest Stockinger safe model CUBE (Editor's Note: The Red Safe Pictured Above) comes with all the security features of the STOCKINGER Bespoke lines, providing our clients with the ultimate level of security. The CUBE model is particularly suited to second homes, vacation homes and yachts due to its smaller size.

Opulent Jewelers: You also make beautiful watch winder cabinets. How did this extension of your product line come about?

Dominik von Ribbentrop: We offer products for customers with special needs. Our customers highly appreciate that our safes keep their watches safe and wind at the same time. For Stockinger, the watch winder cabinets were the next logical step. Not everyone wants to hide his collection; watch aficionados have invested a lot of money in their collection of beautiful timepieces, and therefore want to enjoy their collection by displaying and looking at it. Our watch winder cabinets fulfill this kind of purpose perfectly.

Opulent Jewelers: What new creations can we expect to see from Stockinger in the future?

Dominik von Ribbentrop: Innovations for watch aficionados and new safe models for special collector groups.

Opulent Jewelers: Where can people go to learn more about your safes?

Dominik von Ribbentrop: If we have made you interested in our products, you can visit our website There you will find all information of our Safe Models and Watch Winder Cabinets. Additionally, you can visit us on Facebook and Instagram:

If you like to travel, Stockinger will be exhibited at Maison & Objet from September 4-8, 2015. You are welcome to visit us.