Tales Of Love Giveaway

Tales Of Love Giveaway

The past few weeks we've seen a lot of heartbreak and some hilarity in the wake of the Ashley Madison Hack, even we had our own fun with it. After reading all the news, blog comments and social media posts about the issue one thing really stood out like a sore thumb to us. With over 34,000,000 members on Ashley Madison worldwide it seems that infidelity is a global scourge that leaves us asking, where's the love?

We'd like to turn the tables on all this talk of cheating and highlight #TalesOfLove across the globe and let people share their story. We want to hear from couples of all types and showcase some love instead of lust because as it stands, a lot of people need the help.

We want your help in spreading the love and tell the tale from your perspective and hopefully we can show the world there is monogamy, true love and people who do not cheat. The process is quite easy and all we need you to do is take a picture on Instagram showcasing you and your significant other tagged with #TalesOfLove.

1st Place: Diamond Cartier Love Ring + Romantic Weekend Getaway

2nd Place: Luxurious Weekend Getaway In A Hotel In A City Near You

3rd Place: A Romantic Date Night With Some Lovely Perks