This 100-Carat Diamond Ring Sold For How Much?

$22,100,000 USD - Final Auction Price under 3 minutes at a Sotheby's auction is all it took for a buyer to snap up this extremely large rock. While this piece is not exactly my cup of tea, it has been one of the largest jewelry sales so far this year. It was speculated that the 100-Carat ring would fetch anywhere from $19 on upwards of $25 million it clearly landed right smack in the middle.

This massive stone however is quite the rare find and only five "perfect" diamonds over 100 carats have sold at auction in the past 25 years(Sotheby's sold a 24.78-carat emerald-cut pink stone for $46M in 2010). The buyer of this ring wanted to remain anonymous which is to be expected. I'm just wondering if someone will actually wear this out of the house without a bodyguard attached to it.






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