Tips for Traveling with Fine Jewelry

Tips for Traveling with Fine Jewelry
Whether the need to travel arises often or infrequently in your busy life, one thing is certain; packing can be a pain. Deciding what to take on your travels and what to leave at home can definitely be a chore in itself - and then there's the arduous task of trying to fit it all in your luggage. If you're traveling with your fine jewelry, this adds a whole new element to your packing and travel plans.

Fine jewelry is a prized possession, an asset that requires the utmost care and protection, and when you're traveling with it, there is much to consider. Loss, damage, theft, proper storage, these are all things that must be carefully considered when traveling with fine jewelry. Here are our very best tips for keeping your jewelry clean, safe and in tip-top shape throughout your travels.

Create a master list

Write down each item of fine jewelry you're bringing with you so that you can easily reference that with your luggage. It's very important that you remember what you've brought with you, so that if a piece goes missing you know right away. Taking a photo of all the fine jewelry you're traveling with is a way to create a different kind kind of list - a visual one. Keep it on your phone and send it to a loved one so that you have it in case of phone loss or theft.

Be selective

Only travel with fine jewelry if you really need to (such as an event you're attending that you will want to wear it to), and keep it as light as you can, choosing only the pieces you're sure you're going to wear. Family heirlooms are always best left at home unless you wear them daily and can't part with them. Remember, insurance is only good for money - some of your fine jewelry may be replaced, and some of it cannot. What can never be replaced is the sentimental value of your jewelry, so think carefully and travel only with pieces you truly need to bring.

Plan your outfits and accessories

In keeping with the theme of being selective, choose fine jewelry that coordinates well with the clothing you're bringing. Don't just bring pieces you think might go with certain outfits - instead, make a definitive plan for what you are going to wear and when you're going to wear it. This will help ensure that you avoid bringing more jewelry and clothing than you are going to end up wearing. Photographing each outfit, with the corresponding jewelry you intend to wear it with, is makes an excellent visual diary to reference when you get to your travel destination. This also takes the guesswork out of what to wear on your travels!

Keep it with you

We suggest traveling with a large handbag- one that your fine jewelry will easily fit into, and one that has secure closures and is easy to carry. Bring this bag with you everywhere you go in your travels. Avoid checking fine jewelry in baggage and instead carry it onto the plane. Of course, keeping your fine jewelry with you every second you're traveling isn't always an option- if you're going to the beach or an event, you're not going to want to drag your jewelry with you. In these cases, leave your jewelry in an in-room safe (check that your accommodations include this feature before you book.)

Pack it properly

We touched on the large handbag to carry your jewelry in, but you don't want to simply throw your fine jewelry in a handbag and call it a day. Your jewelry needs protection and its own storage solution. We suggest a travel jewelry storage unit that is mobile, compact and easy to access for you- but well hidden from the public. Ideally, you want to keep jewelry types stored in their own spot, so having a travel case with its own place for earrings, rings, necklaces and bracelets is your best bet. Your jewelry should be kept in a soft, protective interior and be neatly organized.

Here are some fantastic options for travel cases to carry your fine jewelry in.
House of Hampton Metallic Leather Jewellery Case
AmeriLeather Leather Jewellery Roll
Hudson + Bleecker Embossed Jewelry Folio

Ensure your insurance

This is definitely a time to get your insurance ducks in a row. Has your jewelry been recently appraised? Does your insurance provide sufficient coverage for the fine jewelry you're bringing with you? Is your policy up to date, and do you have all the records? And does your insurance cover you where you're traveling to? And does it cover theft accidental loss and unexplained loss? You do not want to be stuck scrambling for this information in the event of an emergency, so these are all very important things to make sure of before you leave home with your fine jewelry.

Be discreet

When you're on a plane, bus, or in a place full of tourists and locals you don't know, the last thing you want to do is advertise that you've got luxury jewelry in your possession. If you're wearing your fine jewelry in unfamiliar surroundings and/or around unfamiliar people, we suggest a high neck you can tuck necklaces behind, long sleeves that can cover bracelets, and turning the stone of any rings to the underside of your finger so that only the band shows. For earrings, we recommend wearing only simple ones, but if you must wear eye-catching luxury earrings, try to cover them with your hair until you are in a place you're sure you and your jewelry are safe. We know that fine jewelry is meant to be shown off and celebrated, but you want to protect yourself from becoming a target, so wearing simple, nondescript clothing and either carrying your jewelry or hiding the fact that you're wearing it is a good idea.

Check the climate

Certain stones and metals react differently to certain climates, so do some research into the temperature and environment the pieces you're bringing should be stored to ensure they do not become damaged.

Keep it clean

Germs and opportunity for stains are prevalent when traveling, so it's a good idea to travel with some good quality jewelry wipes like these ones from Connoisseurs.

Once again, we can't stress this enough - don't travel with fine jewelry unless it's necessary. If it is necessary, we implore you to take it very seriously and have a carefully thought-out plan in place. If you do it wisely, traveling with fine jewelry can work out well for you, but you must prioritize caring for and protecting your jewelry to avoid damage, theft, and accidental or mysterious loss. If you employ all of these tips and commit to each one of them fully, you and your fine jewelry should be safe and sound. Happy travels!