2014 Designer Jewelry Trends

With 2014 kicking off, we'll be seeing a range of new trends in the world of fashion and jewelry, along with the cycle of old trends making a comeback. Lets take a look a few top designer jewelry brands and the trends they're including this year.

Chanel - making a splash with pearls

While always a part of most modern collections, pearls have recently getting more attention recently. Chanel has definitely made a big statement about pearls for their spring/summer 2014 collection with this headphones-inspired pearl choker necklace. You'll see a white gold choker with two massive pearls, looking like a set of headphones around the neck. Karl Lagerfeld said his favorite aspect of this crazy necklace is the beautiful glow that shines from the pearls on the girl’s face.

While this ultra-modern concept necklace isn't for everyone, we can expect to see it around the necks of a few celebrity socialites in magazines this summer. And we can be sure it'll cost more than a set of Beats Audio headphones. Chanel of course hasn't forgot the classics, like the photo below with Korean actress Song Hye Kyo wearing a Colibri necklace made with cultured pearls and a matching pearl tweed jacket.

Cartier - in radiant orchid, the pantone color of year

The Pantone Color Institute has designated “Radiant Orchid” as the color of the year for 2014, so expect to see its popularity grow throughout this year, especially with new spring and summer collections in fashion, makeup and jewelry.

You may have noticed lots of natural pink and lilac throughout 2013, which is a trend that will expand with this year’s choice color. “Radiant Orchid” isn't a single shade, but a range you'd associate with radiance and orchids, with a harmony between purple and lavender to pink and fuchsia. 

Cartier is a perfect showcase of Radiant Orchid, with their Caresse d'orchidees par Cartier Collection. They first featured the delicate orchid motif back in 1925 and it’s appeal has always been around, which has always included the natural shades of orchid flowers, through the use of colored sapphire and precious stones like tourmaline.

The orchid ring shown below is their latest from last year, which features a truly radiant mix of diamonds, pale pink sapphires, rhodolite garnets, dark pink tourmaline set on pink gold. Below is a ring from their Sortilege de Cartier high jewelry collection, which feature a deep lavender through the use of amethyst or rubellites.

Versace - A bit of Punk and Leather

Punk and leather always seems to cycle back into style and with Versace behind it, it’s sure to take off again in 2014. While nails are used in other collections, with Cartier’s nail bangle the most recognizable, Versace is adding their own flair by adding it patent leather fashion along with jewelry. They are also applying their signature style to the nail motif and using it with dramatic effect as seen below, with big nails pinned through her top and even as earrings.

Chopard - Year of the Horse

After each new year also comes the next Chinese new year on the Zodiac Calendar, with 2014 being the “Year of the Horse”. The Chinese market one of the most important for designer jewelry and luxury brands, they’re happy to celebrate each Chinese new year. And even if you don’t celebrate Chinese new year or use it as an excuse to party, it still gives an attractive theme for the year, with each animal on the calendar having its own characteristics beyond its physical form. The horse, a beautiful animal and partner to humans for thousands of years, represents nobility, intelligence, vigor and adventure.

You can expect every leading designer jewelry brand to release pieces dedicated to the Year of the Horse, with many already being previewed in anticipation. One that really caught my eye was this absolutely stunning watch from Chopard. This watch is decorated with a horse and lotus flowers, which is also an important symbol in Chinese mythology.

The dial is crafted with a traditional Urushi technique, a style of traditional enamelling used in Japan and China. To do this, Chopard brought in Urushi experts to apply their extremely rare skill to complete the intricate dial work. The ultra-thin case measures 39.5mm wide and is made of rose gold with a black alligator strap. It’s presented in a Urushi-decorated octagonal box.

Which trend and which piece is your favorite? And what jewelry trends do you see taking over in 2014? Let us know in the comments below! And make sure to browse our selection of new and on-sale designer jewelry.