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About Cartier Love Bracelets For Sale

Aldo Cipullo first created the Cartier Love Bracelet in 1953 and was inspired to do so after seeing chastity belts. The designer believed that this singular symbol of love deserves its own distinctive praise.

Cipullo began working for Cartier ten years after he arrived in the USA. It was only his first piece for the internationally-acclaimed French jewelry house, which already had numerous celebrities among its loyal clients and legions of admirers for its brooches and Santos de Cartier wristwatches.

Cipullo was born into a family that had a manufacturing background. He developed an appreciation for design at a young age when he took time to explore the family factory in Florence. After arriving in New York City, John studied at the School of Visual Arts, then worked at Tiffany & Co. and David Webb. In 1974, he finally found his home when Cartier offered him a job crafting finely crafted jewelry and bringing his own designs to the table.

Cartier's love bracelet created a frenzy in the media, thanks to its celebrity endorsements and fashionable design. The yellow-gold band is rimmed with mock flathead screws, so you can wear the bracelet all day and all night while wearing any outfit. Its audacious design was certainly unheard of at the time, but today it's one of Cartier's most recognizable pieces.

The original Love bracelet came with a gold-vermeil screwdriver to lock the cuff on its own. One lover wore the striking cuff, while the other carried the tool to open and close it. The design of Cartier's Love bracelet is a physical representation of love's promise-a clean and elegant symbol that everyone can wear.
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