About Cartier Panthere de Cartier Jewelry

The Cartier Panthère made its debut in a Cartier wristwatch from 1914. The Cartier Panthère is an iconic jewelry motif with its origins in Paris. Cartier Panthère began with Jeanne Toussaint who created one of the most iconic jewelry collections the world has ever seen. Her creation of the Panthère earned her the nickname “La Panthère” from none other than her significant other, Louis Cartier himself. In 1914, the iconic wildcat first appeared on a Cartier wristwatch for the first time ever.

The stones adorning the piece symbolized the feminine temperament and avant-garde allure of the panther, while the diamond’s scintillation was a nod to the wildcat’s gleaming coat. 

Thanks to her genius design inspiration, Cartier’s idea to incorporate the panther motif into his jewelry pieces shot him to the top of the list within nobility circles. In addition to being the first jeweler to incorporate the panther motif as a trademark on his exclusive timepieces, Cartier was also the first jeweler to use platinum in his lavish jewelry.

Cartier’s beautiful panther has now been in use for more than a century, in part because the Cartier Panthère continues to evolve with collection after collection. Shop our curated selection of Cartier Panthere jewelry online for the best prices.

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