Chanel Camellia Yellow Gold Diamond Ring 0001721
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Chanel Camellia Diamond White Gold Earrings CHN5400
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Chanel Camellia Diamond Agate Necklace chanel-camellia-diamond-agate-necklace-in-18k-white-gold
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Chanel Camellia Pearl Gold Ring cameliapea612
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About Chanel Camellia

Shop our curated selection of Chanel Camellia jewelry for sale online at the best price. We have handpicked these rare and unique Chanel Camellia jewelry pieces, all on sale for the best price possible.

We carry all types of Chanel Camellia jewelry including Camellia rings, Camellia necklaces and Camellia earrings. If you're looking for any specific piece of jewelry from the Chanel Camellia line please contact us to help you find it.


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