Chanel Camelia Yellow Gold Sautoir Necklace 0003275
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Chanel Camelia Diamond Onyx White Gold Ring 0002156
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Chanel Ultra Diamond White Gold Ceramic Ring 0002006
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Chanel Vintage Gold Tassle Drop Earrings 0001756
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Chanel Plume De Chanel Diamond Earrings 0000631
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About Chanel High Jewelry

Chanel High Jewelry represents the epitome of luxury, craftsmanship, and timeless design. Each piece is a harmonious blend of creativity and unrivaled artistry, embodying the spirit of Coco Chanel herself. The maison's exquisite high jewelry collections are masterpieces that showcase the most precious materials, including diamonds, pearls, sapphires, and other rare gemstones.

Some of the most popular Chanel High Jewelry collections include:

  1. Café Society Collection: Inspired by the vibrant nightlife of the 1920s and 1930s, the Café Society Collection features opulent designs with an emphasis on geometric patterns and bold contrasts. The pieces incorporate a variety of materials, such as 18-karat white and yellow gold, diamonds, onyx, pearls, and vibrant colored gemstones like sapphires and emeralds.

  2. Les Perles de Chanel Collection: As an ode to Coco Chanel's adoration of pearls, the Les Perles de Chanel Collection celebrates the timeless elegance of these lustrous gems. The collection utilizes natural pearls, Akoya pearls, and South Sea pearls, alongside brilliant diamonds and 18-karat white gold, to create graceful and sophisticated designs.

  3. Le Paris Russe de Chanel Collection: Drawing inspiration from Coco Chanel's fascination with Russian culture and folklore, the Le Paris Russe de Chanel Collection fuses traditional Russian motifs with the maison's signature style. The collection features lavish pieces crafted from 18-karat gold, platinum, diamonds, and a mesmerizing array of colored gemstones, including rubies, sapphires, and emeralds.

  4. Les Talismans de Chanel Collection: A tribute to the magical allure of talismans, this collection comprises enchanting designs that harness the power of protection and good fortune. These mesmerizing pieces employ a variety of materials, such as 18-karat gold, platinum, diamonds, pearls, and an array of colored gemstones, including lapis lazuli, moonstones, and tourmalines.

  5. Coromandel Collection: Inspired by the intricate beauty of Chinese Coromandel screens, which adorned Coco Chanel's Parisian apartment, this collection captures the essence of Asian art and design. The pieces boast meticulous craftsmanship and feature materials like 18-karat gold, platinum, diamonds, and an assortment of colored gemstones, including jade, spinel, and tsavorite garnets.

Chanel High Jewelry collections are a testament to the maison's dedication to excellence, innovation, and refinement. Each piece represents a unique fusion of tradition and modernity, making them perfect for those who appreciate unparalleled artistry and sophistication in their jewelry.

At Opulent Jewelers, collections of Chanel Fine Jewelry include Coco Crush, Camélia, N°5, Ultra, Comète, Sous le Signe du Lion, Plume de CHANEL, Ruban, Baroque & Chanel High Jewelry.

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