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De Grisogono, an esteemed Swiss luxury jewelry brand, was founded by Fawaz Gruosi in 1993. Known for its daring designs, exceptional craftsmanship, and use of vibrant colored gemstones, De Grisogono has earned its place as a major player in the high-end jewelry industry. With a unique approach to design and a commitment to innovation, the brand offers a wide array of stunning ring collections that cater to various tastes and styles.

Ring Collections by De Grisogono:

  1. Allegra Collection: The Allegra Collection is a tribute to love, friendship, and family, featuring intertwined bands of gold and gemstones that represent eternal bonds. With a contemporary and versatile design, the Allegra rings come in various materials, including gold, diamonds, and an assortment of colored gemstones, making them the perfect choice for any occasion.

  2. Melody of Colours Collection: Embracing the beauty of vibrant colored gemstones, the Melody of Colours Collection offers a spectacular array of rings that showcase unique combinations of stones, such as amethysts, rubies, emeralds, and sapphires. These eye-catching pieces feature bold designs that create a harmonious blend of color and light, enchanting all who see them.

  3. Ventaglio Collection: Inspired by the elegance of a fan, the Ventaglio Collection features intricate designs that mimic the delicate folds of a fan's pleats. Expertly crafted with diamonds and colored gemstones, these rings make a striking statement and demonstrate De Grisogono's exceptional artistry and attention to detail.

  4. Gypsy Collection: Paying homage to De Grisogono's founder, Fawaz Gruosi, and his love for the free-spirited, bohemian lifestyle, the Gypsy Collection offers unconventional designs that incorporate various materials, such as leather, gold, and gemstones. These rings exude a captivating charm and allure that encapsulates the unique identity of the brand.

  5. Crazy Skull Collection: One of De Grisogono's most iconic and daring collections, the Crazy Skull Collection features whimsical skull-shaped rings adorned with diamonds, gemstones, and moving parts. Showcasing the brand's playful side and willingness to push the boundaries of traditional jewelry design, these rings are a testament to De Grisogono's innovative spirit.

De Grisogono's wide range of ring collections reflects its dedication to creating distinctive, high-quality jewelry that defies convention. With a diverse array of designs, from the playful and whimsical to the elegant and sophisticated, De Grisogono offers an enchanting selection of rings that are as unique and captivating as the individuals who wear them. Discover the mesmerizing world of De Grisogono and indulge in the exquisite artistry and daring designs that define this exceptional luxury brand.

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