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orn in 1920s Florence from the creative visions of the eponymous Guccio Gucci, the house of Gucci began as a leather luggage brand. Due to lack of leather in 1930s Italy, Gucci created his iconic fabric; during the Second World War it was again a lack of materials that spurned Gucci's innovative creativity in designing and producing the now-iconic Bamboo Bag. In the 1960s, Rodolpho Gucci commissioned a scarf for Grace, Princess of Monaco that became the Flora design, a hallmark of the brand that endures to this day. Over the past century the brand's ingenious resourceful and innovative spirit has transformed the label into the luxury dynamo it is today.

The double-G logo of the house of Gucci is an instantly recognizable symbol that unlocks a century of iconic, masterfully crafted design. Gucci is steadfast among the ranks of Chanel and Louis Vuitton in the iconic symbology of their brand, and Gucci jewelry remains a key platform of that hieroglyphic recognition. Their Flora and Interlocking G fine jewelry lines keep the brand strongly rooted in its iconic past, and their current first high jewelry collection Hortis Deliciarium celebrates the botanical in a forward-gazing celebration of the floral geek-chic that current creative director Alessandro Michele has used to revolutionize the brand in his own right after Tom Ford's historically successful tenure at the helm breathed new life into the brand in the 1990s.

Gucci jewelry prizes ethical sourcing and environmentally friendly standards of production, and currently upholds its carbon neutral pledge.

Gucci Rings

The rings of the Gucci Flora collection are an unmistakably chic celebration of everything Gucci. 18 carat diamonds are set pavé style into meticulously crafted flowery swirls of white or yellow gold in a larger or more delicate size option. At the helm of the ring is the interlocking G logo in a stylish contrast between the intricate and the graphic. For those to whom Gucci Floral is a timeless way of life, this ring symbolizes that connection with immaculate taste.

The Gucci Icon star ring is an emblematic ode to the house's historical influence, as the beaming star image is taken directly from Gucci's archives. Twelve white diamonds encircle the minimalist 18k band among stars and interlocked Gucci logo. The Icon Hearts ring is a mirror of the star ring, save the white gold band and star swapped for the charm of a cutout heart. Follow this link for all our Gucci rings for sale right now.

Gucci Necklaces

Latin for 'Garden of Delights', Hortis Deliciarum is a 130-strong collection of unique pieces, the undeniable stars of which are the resplendent necklaces. Totemic iconography of beast and beauty shine in this kaleidoscopic ovation to the sensual lushness of the natural world designed by Michele himself. This homage to nature is reminisce of the Rococo approach, with stunningly intricate and flowering designs encrusted with precious stones for a collection of unforgettable pieces.

The Le Merche des Merveilles necklace from the fine luxury collection is another standout. This dainty necklace holds a secret design hidden in the midst of a gorgeous 19k gold and white diamond butterfly centerpiece--the interlocking G logo. Less hidden is the same logo delicately dispersed along the fine 18k gold chain for that unmistakable Gucci flair. This necklace has a very delicate, feminine look--and one that whispers for a closer second look.

Gucci Earrings

For a stunning and unique look that reaches back in time for its visual code, consider the Flower and Double G Hanging Earrings With Diamonds. These 18k white gold pendant earrings feature a white pearl at the stud and a long and delicate chain, at the end of which is a soft white pearl followed by a diamond flower and a diamond-studded interlocking G, respectively. This gorgeous pair of earrings eludes to Alessandro Michele's professed love of the asymmetrical in such a way as to equate the natural inspirations of Gucci with the house itself.

Another exploration of the asymmetrical is found in the smaller Flower and Double G Earrings With Diamonds. This pair features alternating designs between each earring: one pearl is set in the stud with a hanging diamond flower, while the other pearl hangs and the Gucci interlocking G is set in the stud. This daring, stunning design is a play on the eyes in a number of ways.

Gucci Bracelets

The Gucci Link to Love line is an examination of modern romance, with the aim to create giftable pieces relevant to forward-looking couples with an eye for tasteful and interesting design. The Striped Bracelet from this collection is a minimalist, angular and multi-faceted circlet gently etched with delicate stripes in a conscious blending of the masculine with the feminine. This bracelet is available in 18k rose or yellow gold, with a studded 18k white gold option as well.

Gucci Pendants

The Interlocking G line from Gucci symbolizes the power of symbol itself, and no piece captures this as perfectly as the 18k white gold textured pendant necklace featuring the house's own logo. This classic yet whimsical unisex piece is the perfect statement of affiliation for everything Gucci.


What could be more classically beautiful than the Gucci jewelry womens line, dating all the way back to the brand's beginnings in 1921 Florence, Italy in 1921 and now coveted all over the world for the fashion-forward Gucci diamond jewelry pieces and the iconic Gucci emblem incorporated in the Gucci jewelry womens line?

Gucci fine jewelry features classic designs with a modern twist so that you can seamlessly work your favorite Gucci diamond jewelry or any other Gucci fine jewelry options to perfectly coordinate with any outfit. With so many gorgeous Gucci jewelry options for necklaces, earrings, bracelets, rings and pins, the most difficult thing to ask yourself is: how will you choose only one option?

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