Louis Vuitton Padlock Charm Gold Bracelet 0000183
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About Louis Vuitton Gold Bangles

Shop our curated selection of Louis Vuitton gold bangles for sale online with Opulent Jewelers. Come view the latest Louis Vuitton gold bangles on sale for the best price online. Every single one our white gold bangles from Louis Vuitton is guaranteed authentic and comes with its original box and papers. 

The story behind Louis Vuitton, an iconic global luxury brand best known for its craftsmanship and innovation across the worlds of fashion, jewelry and furniture, is a long and diverse one.

Vuitton had to start from scratch in Paris. He made his living hand crafting boxes, then worked with the royal family and members of the upper class as he moved up the social ladder in Paris. Eventually, Vuitton's work became prominent enough that he opened a workshop of his own. He carefully crafted boxes and bags, specializing in packing fashions.

Georges Vuitton was taught from a young age that fashion did not simply exist, but was created. His father, Louis Vuitton, was one of the best designers in the entire world — and Georges wanted to follow in his footsteps. As a child he learned about the family's trunk-making business and spent many hours at the workshop learning different materials and designs. A few years after graduating from trade school in 1858 he joined his father's company and eventually took over when Louis passed away.

The first Louis Vuitton store opened at 70 Champs-Élysés in 1914. It was the largest travel-goods store in the world, and it has since become one of their flagship locations.

One of the most recognizable brand logos, the LV monogram has been a fixture of fashion since 1896. Georges Vuitton originally invented it in an attempt to block counterfeiters from duplicating his new line of luggage. It's one of the earliest examples of how fashion brands can create enduring images for themselves.

While the luxury brand was originally founded by a luggage designer in Paris in 1854, Louis Vuitton fine jewelry pieces and other beautiful Louis Vuitton jewelry lines now stand out as some of the most coveted and chic pieces around the world. If you are searching for the perfect Louis Vuitton fine jewelry piece to elevate your style and showcase your sophistication, then why not transport yourself into an aura of elegance and rarefied air by leisurely perusing our stunning Louis Vuitton jewelry collection and all of the amazing earrings, necklaces, bracelets, cufflinks, brooches, pins, rings and other diamond and gold pieces.

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