Buccellati Multitone Gold Earrings


About Buccellati Multitone Gold Earrings

Diversity mingles with simplicity in the design of these 18-karat white and yellow gold earrings. The warm tones of the yellow gold merge with the coolness of the white gold to create an earring set that takes away the challenge of trying to choose your favorite gold hue. The earring set's arc shape formation highlights the graceful curve of the wearer's neck, and since the engraving work was done by hand, this earring set exhibits fine styling and quality artisanship.

Buccellati Multitone Gold Earrings Details

SKU BCC10001
Brand Buccellati
Condition Excellent
Hallmarks n/a
Accessories n/a

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Buccellati Backstory

In 1919 Mario Buccellati opened his first jewelry boutique in Milan. It did not take long before Buccellati jewelry was expanded across the ocean to New York and the infamous Fifth Avenue. Place Vendôme welcomed Buccellati to join other prestigious jewelers to showcase their stunning creations.

Mario and his three sons worked 50 years to promote Buccellati boutiques and finely crafted jewelry worldwide. Obviously a 50-year milestone achievement requires an extravagant recognition.

The jewelry-world would expect nothing less than the Buccellati-cut diamond. This diamond cut optimizes the light to achieve maximum brilliance. Imagine an elegant and sparkling 57 facet diamond with very defined carat, color, and clarity grade expectations. Buccellati-cut diamonds can be set in rings, earrings, or bracelets. Those looking for paired pieces will gravitate to the “Ventaglio” or the “Vega.”

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