Cartier Heart Charm Multitone Gold Pendant


About Cartier Heart Charm Multitone Gold Pendant

Possessing the rare trio of 18k yellow, white, and rose Gold, this stunning heart charm pendant from Cartier possesses a unique combination of both dynamism and harmony which few jewelry pieces are able to achieve. Love is a passionate and exciting emotion which manifests itself in many different ways - and so too, then, should romantic jewelry be every bit as dramatic and captivating as the wonderful feelings it's trying to represent.

Cartier Heart Charm Multitone Gold Pendant Details

Brand Cartier
Condition Excellent
Color White
Hallmarks Cartier
Accessories Our Gift Box

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Cartier Backstory

Ever since Cartier first started producing exquisite jewelry in 1847, its pieces have been described as flawless and eternal. Vintage Cartier jewelry is renowned for being delicate and intricate. The craftsmanship and detailed designs of Cartier jewelry feature the stones' stunning beauty without detracting from their elegance. Even the more streamlined Cartier pieces reveal unique details and thoughtful designs that put a luxurious twist on the classics. The range of Cartier jewelry offers luxury and class for all tastes. What makes this brand worth the investment is that you cannot help but feel immersed in sophistication when wearing any of the Cartier pieces. It is often difficult to discern between vintage Cartier pieces and the newer jewelry because the brand has maintained continuity their designs over decades. The new pieces are still fresh and vibrant but still encapsulate all of the quality and careful production that Cartier is known for.

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