Hermes Finesse Diamond White Gold Chain Bracelet

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About Hermes Finesse Diamond White Gold Chain Bracelet

A name etched in the annals of luxury, Hermès is more than just a brand; it’s a legend. Known for its dedication to craftsmanship, innovative design, and an unyielding commitment to quality, Hermès has given the world some of the most iconic and sought-after luxury items. Among its mesmerizing collection, the Hermès Finesse Diamond White Gold Bracelet shines through, not just as a piece of jewelry, but as a testament to an age-old legacy of excellence.

The Finesse Diamond White Gold Bracelet is a sublime representation of Hermès' design ethos. Crafted from the purest white gold, its sleek contours and harmonious design speak volumes of the brand’s dedication to aesthetic perfection. But it’s the diamonds that elevate this bracelet from simply beautiful to truly breathtaking. These aren’t just any diamonds; each stone is meticulously chosen for its brilliance, clarity, and flawless cut, ensuring a shimmer that echoes the luxury of Hermès.

What truly sets this bracelet apart is its design intricacy. Each link, each setting, and each stone placement is a result of countless hours spent by Hermès' master craftsmen. Their dedication, paired with the brand's vision, breathes life into this bracelet, making it a marvel of jewelry artistry.

The Hermès Finesse Diamond White Gold Bracelet, true to its name, is all about the finer details. The way the diamonds are set ensures they capture and play with light, making the bracelet shimmer from every angle. The clasp, often an overlooked feature, is seamlessly integrated into the design, ensuring both security and style.

The Hermès Finesse Diamond White Gold Bracelet isn't just a piece of jewelry; it's a statement, an experience, and a legacy. It's a blend of traditional craftsmanship with modern aesthetics. Owning this bracelet is not just about showcasing luxury; it’s about being a part of a tradition that values excellence in every facet. With its shimmering diamonds and exquisite design, it's not just a bracelet, but a symbol of timeless elegance, synonymous with the name Hermès.

The bracelet is set with 18 round brilliant cut diamonds weighing .55ct

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Hermes Finesse Diamond White Gold Chain Bracelet Details

SKU 0003438
Brand Hermes
Color White
Weight 4.2 grams
Size SH
Material White Gold
Hallmarks Hermes, 750, Made in France
Accessories Our Gift Box

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Hermes Backstory

When it comes to Hermes jewelry, there is no question that you will be indulging in the highest quality fine or fashion jewelry items around. Hermes has managed to effortlessly incorporate modern trends within the classic Hermes quality and style that the brand is known for. Hermes gold jewelry is especially renowned for its boldness and radiant finishes. When pursuing fine Hermes jewelry you will be undoubtedly finding the perfect piece to elevate your entire ensemble to the next level. The timelessness of Hermes pieces is this brand's hallmark and the reason why it has been synonymous with sophistication for decades.

Today, while Hermes is still known for its fine saddlery, it's also become synonymous with jewelry. From long sterling-silver necklaces to modernist rings in rose gold and more, Hermes has something for every occasion.

Thierry Hermes founded his harness shop in Paris in 1837 and quickly became a favorite among the upper-class crowd. Napoléon III, empress Eugenie, and others doted on Hermes as he wove elegant, beautifully stitched harnesses. A nod to refinement and tasteful good design caught the attention of the European beau monde, which swarmed to this master for gear that matched the status of their prized horses (which were the 19th-century equivalent of a high-end new Mercedes).

Hermes was founded on the principle of innovation, and growth has always been a characteristic of the company. In the 1920s, for example, when leatherworkers and metal smiths did what they could to provide for the family-owned company by moving from harnesses to dog collars and belts, Hermes stayed true to its values by focusing on craftsmanship. The same integrity led to the creation of a pioneering handcrafted leather handbag in 1922 that marked an international turning point for luxury. This tradition of expertise yielded an international legion of Birkin collectors today who await lengthy waiting lists with unflagging faith as they wait for their dreams to come true. When it comes to innovation and growth, Hermes never forgets its roots—as was demonstrated again with these new additions to its jewelry collection.

Hermes first piece of jewelry, the Filet de selle bracelet, debuted in 1927 and it was just the beginning. Their designs followed motifs of a horse's bridle and intricate "collier de chien" collars made of calfskin and gold - were playful yet practical, elegant yet durable. And let's not forget the pieces we picked up for ourselves, like the Chaîne d'ancre. It turned out to be more than just a ship anchor; it spawned extravagant earrings and necklaces that became fashionable all over.

Be enamored by the Hermes Chaines d'Ancre range; a luxurious collection that brings finesse to your everyday. Whether it's the renowned Kelly style, or an equestrian design, you will be sure to add a bit of classic and timeless charm to your look. Crafted in Gold, these jewelry pieces will be sure to make a lasting impression. 

Internationally-acclaimed by tasteful customers and celebrities alike, Hermès is a synonymous symbol of luxury and elegance. Established in 1837 as a harness and bridle workshop, this illustrious French brand is best known for its wide range of timelessly-styled, must-have handbags, accessories and apparel with innovative detailing. Add an unmistakable touch of luxury to any day or evening outfit with Hermès jewelry, designed with the brand’s heritage firmly in mind. Explore striking bangles and earrings crafted from the finest materials.

On Opulent Jewelers, the collection of vintage Hermes jewelry includes rings, pendant necklaces, bracelets, watches, cufflinks, earrings, brooches, and other accessories.

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