Roberto Coin Tiger Eye Vintage Diamond Bangle Bracelet

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About Roberto Coin Tiger Eye Vintage Diamond Bangle Bracelet

Envision a Roberto Coin Tiger Eye Vintage Diamond Bangle Bracelet that embodies the fusion of nature's allure with the sophistication of fine craftsmanship. This exquisite piece of jewelry marries the rustic beauty of Tiger Eye with the timeless elegance of diamonds and gold, making it a unique and captivating accessory.

Centered on the bracelet is a rounded Tiger Eye gemstone, renowned for its mesmerizing appearance. The stone's deep, golden-brown hue, accented with bands of light that shift and dance with the wearer's movement, draws the eye and holds attention. This Tiger Eye gem serves as the heart of the bracelet, radiating warmth and natural beauty.

Flanking the Tiger Eye on each side, seven round brilliant-cut diamonds add a splash of sparkling light. These diamonds, carefully selected for their clarity and radiance, are set in a symmetrical arrangement that enhances the bracelet's elegance. The fourteen diamonds in total create a dazzling contrast against the Tiger Eye's earthy tones, showcasing the gem's natural beauty.

The bracelet itself is sculpted from 18k yellow gold, chosen for its rich color and durability. The gold is meticulously crafted, featuring a sculpted design that complements the Tiger Eye and diamond arrangement. This design not only adds to the bracelet's visual appeal but also ensures a comfortable fit around the wearer's wrist.

The yellow gold's sculpted finish extends throughout the bracelet, embracing the wrist with a soft, smooth texture that's both luxurious and comfortable. The choice of 18k gold adds a layer of depth and warmth to the piece, enhancing the natural colors of the Tiger Eye and the brilliant sparkle of the diamonds.

This Roberto Coin Tiger Eye Vintage Diamond Bangle Bracelet is a testament to the brand's dedication to quality, beauty, and innovative design. It's a piece that transcends mere adornment, offering wearers a slice of vintage elegance infused with the mystery and allure of the natural world. Perfect for special occasions or adding a sophisticated touch to everyday wear, this bracelet stands as a celebration of refined taste and the enduring beauty of nature's treasures.

The bangle bracelet will fit a wrist up to 7 1/2"

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Roberto Coin Tiger Eye Vintage Diamond Bangle Bracelet Details

SKU 0003420
Brand Roberto Coin
Condition Pre-owned
Color Yellow
Weight 45.7 grams
Material Yellow Gold
Hallmarks 750, Ruby
Accessories Our Gift Box

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Roberto Coin Backstory

Roberto Coin has a history of creating exquisite pieces that combine modernity with tradition. Roberto Coin is located in the city of Vicenza, Italy, and has been making waves in the jewelry scene since 1996. Every work of Roberto Coin is a meticulous process, a journey between different cultures and multi-ethnic influences, through the natural world, between the echo of the past and the prediction of the future.

Roberto Coin signs every jewelry creation with a small ruby casted inside the jewel. This puts it in direct contact with the skin of anyone who wears it. This magical signature, surrounded by an antique halo of legend, represents the message of good wishes that Roberto Coin dedicates to his passionate clientele.

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