3 Amazing Safes Built Just for Jewelry

Designer jewelry isn't just a fashionable way to dress up an outfit, it's also an investment - and with this kind of money on the line, who wouldn't want to protect their belongings? Enter the exciting world of luxury jewelry safes, where the world's most prestigious security companies are constantly trying to out-do each other with the latest high-tech features and improvisations. Here are 3 fine jewelry safes that are so exquisite, you won't believe your eyes...

1. Doettling Jewelry Box

Doettling's Jewelry Box sets a bold new standard in the safekeeping and storage of luxury jewelry, fusing classic protective design elements with cutting-edge technology to create something which is altogether new, ambitious, and exciting. The Jewelry Box itself fits a huge variety of jewelry in shelves, pouches, and straps, offering a degree of mobile security which is hard to come by.

Even better, the Box directly integrates into nearly any Doettling Safe, and can be custom-built to feature corresponding materials and colors to match the Safe in every way. Most remarkably, the Box is fitted with a GPS tracking device which allows it to be tracked virtually anywhere in the world.

2. Buben & Zorweg Collector Safe

The Collector Safe from Buben & Zorweg is a sturdy, powerful-looking piece of hardware which is sure to keep your finest timepieces and most exquisite accessories safe and sound. While Swiss watches are renowned around the globe for their meticulous craftsmanship, this Safe proves that Swiss security technology is equally impressive! 16 ready-made watch clasps keep your straps primed and your timepieces ready to go at a moment's notice, while high-gloss lacquer shelving offers plenty of space for every other piece in your collection. Rated as a VdS Class I safe, this is reliability you can count on!

3. Brown Safe Chronos - Limited Edition Pearl & Pink

For ladies who prefer to tailor their interior decorating with proudly feminine colors, this Limited Edition Pearl & Pink Chronos Safe from Brown Safe is the perfect choice. White metallic finishes and stainless accents make the exterior a stylish addition to any bedroom, dressing room, or walk-in closet, while the pink Ultrasuede details throughout the interior add a touch of fun and glamour. The fingerprint-activated Biometric lock opens to reveal a Safe with 8 dedicated watch slots, 12 rolling vertical shelves and hand-stitched accents. They don't come any better than this!