3 Fashionistas to Follow on Instagram

Since its debut in October 2010, Instagram has taken the social media world by storm. By allowing users to quickly and conveniently share smart phone photos with their social media followers, Instagram quickly found a loyal audience, especially among fashionable young people who liked to share photos of their latest outfits and accessories. If you're looking for a little bit of stylish inspiration, consider following these 3 popular fashionistas on Instagram:

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VivaLuxuryBlog - With over 112,000 followers on Instagram alone, Annabelle Fleur of Viva Luxury Blog is undoubtedly one of the luxury fashion world's social media stars. From designer shoes and brand name jewelry to high-end cosmetics and stylish ensembles (see above), Annabelle's photo stream is a never-ending chronicle of what it means to be young, beautiful, and luxurious in the early 21st century. If you want to stay up-to-date on all things exquisite, you'll definitely want to follow her.

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BlondieLuxe - With over 34,000 Instagram followers, this trend-setting young fashionista has carved out a style niche that's entirely her own. When it comes to sporting a never-ending variety of designer clothes and flashy accessories, this platinum-haired diva could give Barbie herself a run for her money... And good luck catching her ever wearing the same outfit twice! If that sounds like your kind of style, go ahead and follow her.

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MyFashDiary - Tala Samman, founder of the popular style blog MyFashDiary, is a Dubai-based fashionista who has racked up over 27,000 Instagram followers so far. Her Syrian ancestry, her American birthplace (Chicago), and her residence in the wealthy United Arab Emirates have all helped give Tala's sense of style a uniquely international edge, meaning that she could look just as at home in a glittering Arab metropolis as on the runways of Milan. You can't go wrong taking fashion tips from this brilliant young innovator!