Attn John Henson! We Will Help Find You The Rolex You Wanted

We're sorry another player in our industry is show in a terrible light lately denying you entry to their store. We in fact think this is deplorable and want to extend our hand and network of contacts to find you the watch of your dreams(most likely much cheaper than that shop in Milwaukee). I can't imagine Rolex itself is going to be too pleased with this jewelry store either, but we're disappointed they haven't spoken up about it either so we thought we would.

While our main focus is estate jewelry we're no strangers to the watch industry and we'd like to help you John, we won't take any commission and we'll get you the best price. Customer service and especially the first time Rolex buying experience should be something you never forget, sadly you won't but not for the right reasons. Let this also be a lesson to others in our industry because one really bad bout of customer service can lead to a world of hurt as can be seen here on the offending jewelry store's Yelp page.

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