Interview With Danielle Miele Of

My daily first in the morning read is usually over at Danielle's well known and while we've had the pleasure in working with her, I wanted to let our customers learn about her. I cannot thank her enough for taking the time out of her busy schedule, including getting married recently, to answer some questions and provide a look at where things are going in 2016, how to get in the industry and who she keeps tabs on.

There are only a handful of jewelry bloggers who put forth this kind of content and it's great to have such unique access to the jewelry industry at large. Danielle's Instagram(@GemGossip) is also a daily treat where you can see the latest high jewelry up close and personal.

The Interview

Opulent Jewelers: Tell us a bit about yourself and how you fell into a world of jewelry and gems.

Gem Gossip: I graduated from college with a masters in Science Education and after about a year of substitute teaching, I felt like I had picked the wrong career path for myself. Around the same time, my parents and sisters decided to move from our childhood home in Upstate NY to Nashville, TN in July of 2008--so I decided to come along. I used this as a fresh start for many aspects in my life, one of them being career-wise. I started my blog Gem Gossip a few weeks after moving down south as a hobby, which eventually landed me my first official job in the jewelry industry at a local antique jewelry store

Opulent Jewelers: What advice do you have for people interested in getting involved on the business side of the jewelry world?

Gem Gossip: I think every individual can bring something special into this industry, even if it feels saturated at times. I would say, step back and notice any voids, and to fill those voids! At the time I entered the industry, I saw a need for a voice in the jewelry industry that was passionate, young and enthusiastic about everything sparkly. I then let my passion take over and do the rest!

Opulent Jewelers: Do you think a degree in gemology gives you an upper leg or aids in specific ways?

Gem Gossip: I think a Graduate Gemologist degree from GIA gives someone an instant respect and credibility. It shows that you are not only passionate about gems and gemology, but have gone forth with the effort to make it official by completing the coursework.

Opulent Jewelers: What new designers or brands have you had your eye on as a rising star in 2015?

Gem Gossip: There are so many jewelry brands and designers that are calling 2015 their first official year in business and it is exciting to see that it is never too late to get in the game! I'm excited about Nouvel Heritage based out of Paris, BCE Jewelry based out of California and Sarah & Sebastian Jewellery based out of Australia.

Opulent Jewelers: What's your favorite jewelry store and why?

Gem Gossip: This is the hardest question ever!! I've been to so many amazing stores across the US (which is what I'm set out to accomplish on my #JewelryRoadTrip) each is special for different reasons. I would have to say I love Lang Antiques in San Francisco and Joden in Grove City, PA based on the amount of incredible pieces of antique jewelry all in one place!

Opulent Jewelers: Who's your favorite jewelry writer/blogger/journalist besides yourself of course?

Gem Gossip: I will always be Marion Fasel's number one fan!! Ever since I was in high school and she wrote for InStyle magazine, I would tear out her jewelry articles and read them like a Bible! Getting to meet her a few years ago was such a neat experience--but then getting to collaborate with her on a few projects was even more exciting! Love her.

Opulent Jewelers: Where can people connect with you online?

Gem Gossip: Over at and on TwitterFacebook and Instagram.