Luxury Jewelry Cryptocurrency Sales Report 2017-2021

When we started accepting cryptocurrency back in 2017 we didn't expect much in the way of sales, but we were quickly proven wrong. At that time, we were running the Magento platform and had our developer implement Bitpay which paved the path for our first ever Bitcoin sale within the year. 

There were certainly a rush of new and wealthy Bitcoin holders that had never before had this kind of wealth, and they were itching to spend some of it. Typically with "new rich" folks, the lust to splurge on something flashy is strong. 

Since then many mainstay luxury brands have come onboard and adopted crypto payments. Luxury watch brands including Hublot, Franck Muller and Norqain have since accepted crypto payments. Hublot has even launched a collection of watches that were exclusively available to purchase via Bitcoin.

Opulent Jewelers Crypto Journey

We've since moved onto the Shopify platform which has been a breath of fresh air compared to Magento, but that's a story for another day. However, the cryptocurrency payment integration here is a breeze and we've still kept payments coming in strong to this day.

We've compiled some of the data from our cryptocurrency sales since 2017 and wanted to share what that's looking like for us. You may share this infographic on your social media or website, but please credit with a tag or link so we can engage. 

We're expecting even more growth this year as we have been light on the marketing end of things to let people know we accept crypto payments. There are going to be massive amounts of new high net-worth crypto holders in the coming years, and they're going to want to spend some of those gains. 
What do we think about all this? Well we're all crypto investors ourselves here so we have been thrilled with the response, and will do all we can to further push payment options for other cryptocurrencies gaining popularity. 

What's Next In 2022?

We just initiated Shiba Inu Coin payments this week despite all the wild news coming out in the past 24 hours. We are also looking to accept different types of cryptocurrencies as we invest more in others and certain ones blowup in popularity. We're excited for the future and pleased to see the demand for fine jewelry is still going strong.