Official Cartier Price Increase List 2023

As of April 18th, 2023, Cartier has officially confirmed a price increase in both the US and European markets. The increase ranges from 5-15%. This move isn't surprising for the European market, which experiences annual price increases. However, it is noteworthy for the US market, where several Cartier pieces have remained the same price for nearly two years.

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The Cartier Love bracelet, one of Cartier's most sought-after items, has seen a price rise in both the US and European markets. In the US, the increase ranges from 6.5% to 15.4%, while in Europe, it varies from 6.45% to 7%. Given that the classic model of the Love bracelet is now priced upwards of $7000, will this prompt you to consider alternatives to the iconic Cartier Love bracelet?

Cartier Love Price Increase 2023
Cartier Love Bracelet  In the US Old Price New Price % Difference
Love Bracelet - Small, Yellow Gold $4,450 $4,750 6.7%
Love Bracelet – Large, Yellow Gold $6,900 $7,350 6.5%
Love Bracelet – Large 4 Diamonds $11,000 $12,700 15.4%


Cartier Juste Un Clou bracelet price increase:

In 2023, the Cartier Juste Un Clou, also referred to as the nail, experienced a price adjustment too. In the US, the price hike ranged from 5.8% to 6.4%. Meanwhile, European customers saw an increase between 6.45% and 6.6% for the same piece.

Cartier Juste Un Clou Price Increase 2023
Cartier Love Bracelet  In the US Old Price New Price % Difference
Juste Un Clou – Small Bracelet $3,400 $3,600 5.8%
Juste Un Clou – Small w/ Diamond Bracelet $4,750 $5,050 6.3%
Juste Un Clou – Large Bracelet $7,500 $8,000 6.6%
Juste Un Clou – Large w/ Diamond Bracelet $12,500 $13,300 6.4%


These just cover some of the price increases across the board. Which leads us where to buy authentic Cartier Jewelry? Every time a luxury brand announces a price hike, my immediate advice is to go online for a vintage store. It's highly likely they haven't yet adjusted their prices to match the new rates. When it comes to acquiring vintage Cartier jewelry Opulent Jewelers is a trusted source.

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Cartier is well-known for their annual price increments. My advice to anyone considering the purchase of classic pieces from collections such as the Love Collection, Juste Un Clou Collection, or their timeless watches is to make the purchase before a potential price increase. These increases can happen unexpectedly and without much warning. We often find ourselves wishing we had bought more when the prices were lower!