How to Properly Store Your Fine Jewelry

You might think any old box or drawer will suffice as a place to store your fine jewelry, but the truth is there's more to jewelry storage than you might think. Fine jewelry needs to be properly stored to ensure that it maintains it lustre and remains protected. What's more, the characteristics of your fine jewelry (metal, stone, etc.) have a lot to do with how you should store it.

Since fine jewelry is a broad term, there is no one-size-fits-all solution for storing it. Each piece will have its own unique storing needs that you’ll need to understand in order to maximize the life and beauty of your jewelry. If you're thinking; “What? How much time and money is this going to take! I thought storing jewelry was easy!”- worry not.

It's not as difficult, time consuming or costly as it may seem! Our guide to storing fine jewelry is designed to help illuminate you in all things jewelry storage. Read on to find out all the best tips and tricks for storing fine jewelry.

Avoid a mess like this! Read on to learn how to store your jewelry properly and safely.

Sort and store your jewelry by type

We touched upon this briefly in the intro, but here's a more in-depth explanation. Storing specific metals and gemstones together and apart from other types plays an important role in the preservation of your jewelry. Some examples:


This is a pretty flexible metal, which makes it susceptible to nicks, scratches and general damage. It's a good idea to store your gold pieces alone, in soft cloth bags or in their original box, provided it's good quality. This is true regardless of the karat of gold you own.

Sterling Silver

This is an oxidizing metal, so it should not be stored with other oxidizing metals. It must be stored in a sealed environment and kept from light and air while being stored. A cool, dry place is ideal, and each piece should be carefully wrapped and stored in either a plastic or fabric bag. has the tendency to oxidize over time. Silver is best stored in felt or cotton compartments.


Platinum is an incredibly durable metal, but that doesn't mean it's immune to scratches - it's not. This is another case where you want to store jewelry type with jewelry type. Keep your platinum jewelry stored separately from other metals.


Don't be fooled by the fact that these are the hardest, toughest stones out there. They still need and deserve special care. Diamonds can scratch anything less resilient than them, including metals and other stones, so it's best to store your diamonds separately, to avoid them from coming into contact with and potentially causing damage to other types of jewelry.


Pearls are extremely delicate and soft, so they are highly susceptible to scratches and damage. It is especially important to store them separately and ensure that their surroundings are soft and protected. Furthermore, wipe your pearls after each use before storing them, as this removes oils, sweat, perfume, and other substances that can dull their shine and break down the string that the pearls are strung upon.

Rubies, Emeralds, and other Colored Gemstones

Wipe down all coloured gemstones after each usage to maintain their sparkle, then store them individually in a soft pouch and then concealed in a tray or some other type of separator. It is important that they are not stacked all together without concealment and organization.

Choose the right environment

Most fine jewelry should be stored in a clean, cool, dry and preferably dark place without direct exposure to direct sunlight or intense heat. This is important because light and heat can actually alter the color of some metals and stones. Exposure to excessive heat or direct sunlight may change the color of certain gemstones and metals. Humidity and moisture can actually damage a clasp by weakening it. There are exceptions to this; cameos and opals need more moisture to prevent cracking. For the most part, dry, dark and slightly cool environments are best.

Choosing the right box

This is important because the box that you choose will be your fine jewelry’s home when you're not wearing it. You invested in your fine jewelry, so it only makes sense to invest in its maintenance. For this reason, it's a good idea to shell out some extra cash to ensure you get the best storage unit.

For fine jewelry, it's best to have a fine jewelry box. Avoid cheap plastics and hardwood compartments and opt for something with a soft lining to cushion and protect your jewelry. It's perfectly fine to buy a wooden box, just as long as it has a soft lining.

Make sure your chosen box has enough space for all of your fine jewelry- remember, we want to avoid piles and promote neat, organized storage to prevent damage and keep your fine jewelry in mint condition.

Try to choose a box that has a door with some hooks in it for necklaces- every try to untangle a pile of chains? It's not our favourite way to spend an evening. Of course, if you have a separate location for your necklaces or don't own any, this won't apply - just make sure that wherever you store your necklaces, they are stored on hooks, preferably separately. 

Pick a safe space

While you want to have easy access to your jewelry, it's very important to keep your fine jewelry stored in an inconspicuous location, preferably under lock and key. Perhaps you might want to consider investing in a jewelry safe or simply place your box in a locked cupboard or drawer (in this case we encourage you to have an extra copy of the key hidden somewhere safe in case you ever lose the original). Make sure your fine jewelry is properly insured as well. Guarding your fine jewelry from theft is just as important as protecting it from damage!

Jewelry can be a fragile, and asfine jewelry is very valuable, it certainly deserves the utmost care and respect. Fine jewelry is very different from costume jewelry and it has very specific storage needs. We hope we've provided a comprehensive guide to draw upon when you consider the storage of your fine jewelry. We believe in the preservation and ultimate care of your beloved jewelry collection, and we hope this will inspire you to evaluate the way you care for your fine jewelry.

Whether you have an extensive collection or a few cherished pieces, and whether you need a large jewelry box with plenty of features or a smaller, simpler one, one thing is certain across the board- fine jewelry needs special care and safety consideration. We hope your collection stays safe and sparkling for many years to come!