The Best Cleaners for Your Luxury Jewelry

You clean your floors. You wash your dishes. You wash your face and hair.

You wash your clothing. But all too often, many forget about the importance of cleaning one thing - their jewelry! If this sounds familiar, we seek to remind you that it’s not just the jewelry itself that makes the statement, it's also how well you maintain it. When your luxury jewelry is flawlessly clean with a dreamy gleam, it shows. And when it's...not? That shows, too.

One good clean is all it should taken take to show you the transformation that can take place when you properly clean your jewelry. So take care of your adornments! Show everyone that your fine jewelry is a possession you cherish. If you've invested in something as precious as luxury jewelry, it only makes sense to keep your collection sparkling, and that means keeping your jewelry clean as a whistle.

Cloudiness and dullness, accumulated dirt all add up to your luxury jewels becoming lacklustre, and nobody wants that! In general, jewelry worn on the daily should be cleansed weekly to keep it looking its spectacular best, and special occasion jewelry worn infrequently can get away with a deep clean once or twice a year.

While you could leave the job up to a professional (most jewelers offer the service), there are a ton of great products on the market these days that enable more than sufficient DIY cleaning. Between high tech ultrasonic cleaners, classic liquid cleaning solutions, wipes and cloths, there is something out there for everyone when it comes to cleaning luxury jewelry at home. We've rounded up the best jewelry cleaners for every type of luxury jewelry lover! Which will you choose when it's time to clean your Cartier and Chanel?

For the girl who wants the most modern solution:Magnasonic Professional Ultrasonic Jewelry Cleaner With Digital Timer

Simple, sleek, modern and efficient. Who could ask for more? If you want the cream of the crop, the techiest of them all, the ultrasonic cleanser is for you. Digital controls make it a cinch to use, and all you've got to do to get professional results is drop your jewelry into the stainless steel basin - ultrasonic waves do all the work for a gentle yet thorough clean. You can add cleaning solution for a deeper clean if desired, but it's not mandatory. This ultrasonic cleaner is simple to operate with digital controls. Simply wipe the basin clean after usage and admire your impeccably-cleaned jewelry. There's  nothing abrasive about this method, which means no harm will come to your luxury jewels. At around $40, and armed with more than three thousand reviews (69 percent of which are five stars), this is the perfect all-in-one jewelry cleaning solution.

For the girl who likes to keep it simple:Goddard’s Jewelry Cleaner.

A trusted name in jewelry cleaning since the 1830’s, Goddard’s offers a simple,
ammonia-free cleanser that quickly and efficiently washes and shines jewelry. It's non-abrasive and safe for ALL metals and stones. It's also a two-in-one, with a “Quick shine formula” built in that acts as a shiner, restoring that eye-catching gleam to your baubles. Plus, at around $6 a pop, you can't go wrong. So get a good clean and a brilliant shine instantly with this little miracle!

For the girl on the go:Connoisseur Jewelry Wipes

 Constantly traveling? Need the quickest possible solution to keep your luxury jewelry sparkling clean? Look no further, because these wipes make it almost too easy! With microfine cleansers and an anti-tarnish shield, these dry, non-toxic wipes can work miracles on your jewelry in seconds flat. Safe for use on gold, silver and all gemstones, they come in packs of 25 for around $7. Don't leave home without them!

For the girl who prefers cloth:Hagerty Jewelry Polishing Cloth

Hagerty promises to restore radiance to all your precious metals with this unique 2-cloth system. Safe for gold, silver, diamonds and other stones (as long as they're non-porous), the 2-cloth system makes this a very versatile product. Here’s how it works: the inner cloth (white) polishes and cleans, and even applies a barrier that prevents tarnish, while the grey cotton cloth buffs your luxury jewelry, adding a shimmer that'll keep it looking brand new. Major bonus points for simplicity and affordability, at around $8 each. This is a reliable way to quickly clean your jewelry that won't scratch or harm it. Worth having in your linen closet, (or even right beside your jewelry box) if you ask us!

For the diamond obsessive:Connoisseurs Diamond Dazzle Stick

Food-handling, lotions, gardening, and virtually anything else you do with your hands can dull your diamond down, especially if you wear it every day. And even if your diamond collection consists of necklaces or earrings rather than rings, diamonds can quickly lose their sparkle if not properly cared for. Diamond Dazzle stick to the rescue! While it may sound gimmicky, 82% of over a thousand reviews attest to the diamond cleaning power this handy little stick contains.

Its special polymers reduce the appearance of scratches over time, its soft bristles get every nook and cranny without harming your precious diamond, and the portable size is just so convenient! Simply twist to dispense the specialized cleaning solution and watch as the Diamond Dazzle Stick cleans and shines your diamond to perfection.

How do YOU clean your luxury jewelry? If the answer is “I don't”, we hope we've been able to change your mind and inspire you to give your fine jewelry what it deserves. You'll notice an instant difference and we're certain you'll be prouder to wear your most exquisite pieces when they're at maximum radiance.

A well-cleaned piece of jewelry stands out in a crowd, and says something about you. It lets people know that you take pride in your fine jewelry- as you should! So don't be afraid to get into a jewelry cleaning routine- any of the fine products in this list will virtually do the work for you, and the results will be so worth it. We promise! Now get out there and gleam with all you've got.