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French designer Christian Dior believes that wearing jewelry is an important part of clothing. Therefore, Dior championed the idea of wearing jewelry daily which allowed ordinary women to shine regularly. The Dior jewelry designs of the 1940s and 1950s were created with the Dior clothing line, using bright and colorful gemstones with floral patterns. Christian Dior's jewelry specializes in the production of colored rhinestones that Dior said can "illuminate and enhance the face". It is the first jewelry to use Swarovski Northern Lights rhinestones.

Dior jewelry began the first pages of its illustrious and definitive chapter in the sartorial narrative after a revolutionary season in women's fashion that re-imagined the relationship between clothing and accessories. From the beginning, Dior has designed its jewelry pieces in conjunction with their clothing lines, and the result is a cohesive and complete sartorial vision in harmony with all its internal elements.

In 1998, the official division of Dior jewelry entitled Dior Joaillerie was officially founded, opening up many new avenues and possibilities for the famous house which made costume jewelry both accessible and elegant--and made fine jewelry a harmonious component of both evening wear and everyday looks. Dior Joaillerie is today under the creative tutelage of the esteemed visionary Victoire de Castellane, who has worked at the position for the past two decades.

Dior Rings

Dior rings have always told strong stories; statement rings with symbolic images in both simple, classic and visually luxurious designs. The brand's current selection of rings adds to this historic narrative through the use of a variety of instantly recognizable forms that Christian Dior himself adored: the rose, the moon, the sun, a compass rose.

The Pop Rings from La Rose Dior are an instantly iconic addition to Dior Joaillerie that elude both to the celebration of modern iconography of the Pop Art era as well as the well-known love Christian Dior had for what is arguably the world's most famous flower. A cluster of pink sapphires are set in a careful blossom of lacquer and encircled by a soft thorny vine with delicate miniature leaves of gold and tiny diamonds. Truly statement pieces, these rings are perfect for those who understand the timelessness uniqueness of universal imagery.

Dior Necklaces

The star of the Dior necklaces selection must be the Rose des Vents collection. An elegant design that eludes to the star, the rose, and the compass is at the helm of this classically simple and beautiful collection. A wind rose is a symbol of natural inclination, as it indicates the direction of the wind. This beautiful collection then represents staying true to one's own currents--as well as to the vision of Christian Dior himself.

There are several necklaces within this collection eye catching in their stunning simplicity. 18K gold, white gold, diamonds, and mother of pearl introduce the first wind rose, which hangs on a superbly delicate chain. This theme is then re-introduced in variants of white gold with diamond, white gold with mother of pearl, onyx with rose gold, and pink mother of pearl with rose gold.

Dior Earrings

De Castellane continues her celebration of Christian Dior's inspirations with the Pre Catelan line of La Rose Dior. A diamond-encrusted bee paired with a single leaf on a wrap-around circlet ring of either rose or yellow gold that gently eludes to thorns. The bee is quite an apropos image, with its crucial role in biodiversity, and this ring makes a truly unique piece that celebrates that preciousness of nature. The Pre Catelan earrings are breathtaking in their delicacy, each petal carved with stunning precision from rose quartz, onyx, or amethyst on a thin circlet of yellow or rose gold paired with just a pinpoint of diamond.

From the playful collection Oui comes a twist on the romantic phrases we all know. A pair of ears play witness to the oft-whispered affirmation of lovers; in this case "je t'aime" is immortalized in yellow gold and diamonds. Another flirtatious pair reads "toi" and "moi". These earrings are for the young--or young at heart--who love wordplay and whimsy.

Dior Bracelets

For those design aficionados searching for the perfect piece to express their love of a more formalist style, GEM DIOR offers a myriad of bracelets stunning in their genuinely unique simplicity. One may choose between the Gem Dior Bracelet mediums of rose gold and diamonds or yellow gold and diamonds; or for those seeking a pop of natural color, the Gem Dior Cuff Bracelet features decorative stones in deep blues and rich greens alongside perfect stripes of diamonds. Each bracelet in this collection features a circlet of classic, elongated angular shapes of varying lengths interspersed with those perfect stripes of diamonds.

Within the Rose des Vents collection, the Rose Celeste and Rose des Vents combination bracelet is a timeless choice. This charming, impressive bracelet is a stunning and unique addition to your collection that features some of the oldest visual forms known to mankind. An iconic golden sun with waved rays is reminisce of Greek mythological art and dazzles alongside a shining moon emblazoned on the onyx night. These images are set together along the delicate chain with the aforementioned wind rose in rose gold.

Is Dior Jewelry Real Gold?

Yes, Dior jewelry often incorporates real gold into its designs. Dior is a luxury brand known for its high-quality materials and craftsmanship. The gold used in Dior's jewelry typically includes 18k yellow, white, or rose gold. However, Dior also produces fashion jewelry, which may not contain real gold but instead could be gold-plated or gold-toned.

Is Christian Dior Jewelry Real Gold?

Christian Dior, as a high-end luxury brand, does use real gold in many of its fine jewelry pieces. Typically, this involves 18k gold, be it yellow, white, or rose gold, given the brand's reputation for quality and craftsmanship.

However, it's important to note that Christian Dior also offers a line of costume or fashion jewelry. While these pieces often feature gold tones, they may not be made of real gold, but rather gold-plated metals or other high-quality materials.

To verify if a Christian Dior piece is made of real gold, you should check its product description, hallmarks, or consult with a reputable jeweler.

Can You Shower With Dior Jewelry?

While Dior jewelry is crafted with high-quality materials, it is generally recommended to remove all jewelry before showering, including pieces from Dior. The reason being, exposure to soap, shampoo, and hot water can over time potentially damage the jewelry, cause discoloration, or affect the shine and luster of the metal and gemstones.

In the case of gold-plated or costume jewelry, the water and soap can accelerate the wear of the gold layer, leading it to tarnish or fade more quickly.

Furthermore, certain gemstones are particularly sensitive to heat and chemicals, which can be found in common bath and body products.

Therefore, to maintain the longevity and beauty of your Dior jewelry, it's best to remove it before showering, swimming, or any activity that might expose it to water or chemicals.

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