About David Yurman Jewelry

Founded in New York City, the innovative jewelry company David Yuman was built on the passion of David and his wife, Sybil. Each was collaborating and contributing an artistic flair, David being a sculptor and Sybil being a painter.

Ironically, David and Sybil did not intentionally enter the jewelry designing business. David designed a piece for Sybil to wear at an art gallery opening. The inspirational piece caught the gallery owner's eye and although initially hesitant to recreate such a personal gift. David and Sybil recognized a market, agreed, and the rest begins the colorful history of David Yurman Jewelry.

The Cable Classic bracelets are David Yurman's signature international pieces. The bracelets are twisted helix patterns embellished with gemstones on the end caps. This style has become the most enduring of the collections.

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