About De Grisogono Earrings

Lebanese-Italian jeweler Fawaz Gruosi founded De Grisogono in 1993, naming the luxury jewelry company after his mother who had been the Marquise de Grisogono. His goal was to have a name that would conjure elegance and rarity. Not only did he want a name with clout, but he also wanted one that would make people feel special. He soon earned his own aristocratic nickname - "King of Black Diamonds" - for the stones that made him famous.

Gruosi originally grew up in Beirut, but later moved to Florence. He began to work with the Florentine jeweler Torrini and soon began working for Harry Winston and Bvlgari. When De Grisogono was created, most jewelers favored the simplicity of white diamonds and platinum. Gruosi wasn't interested in these diamonds - he liked stones with character like vibrant colors and black diamonds that weren't popularly used at the time. Along with these undervalued gems, he designed pieces that mixed luminous emeralds, beautiful sapphires, amethyst, pink opal or jade.

De Grisogono has an eye-catching object for every high-end customer. This includes the 1990s pieces adorned with black diamonds that are said to have captured the attention of well-heeled buyers, leading to the brand's meteoric rise to fame. It also began producing high-quality watches in 2000, Instrumento Uno for men, which was followed by the 2015 Crazy Skull. These playful timepieces come decked with as many as 45 carats of gems.

De Grisogono has masterfully created an unmatched reputation for themselves by collaborating with and gifting their unmatched pieces to A-list celebrities on the red carpet. They've also been known for hosting a yearly party at the Cannes Film Festival, which they made headlines by partnering with Christie's to sell a dazzling 163.41-carat emerald-cut diamond at a record-setting price of $33.7 million (the highest the market has seen so far in 2017).

In January 2020, Gruosi filed for bankruptcy. Today, pieces from his namesake boutique in London are still for sale.

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