De Grisogono Matassa Yellow Gold Earrings

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About De Grisogono Matassa Yellow Gold Earrings

In the world of high-end jewelry, few pieces manage to capture the essence of timeless elegance and innovative design quite like the De Grisogono Matassa earrings in 18k yellow gold. These earrings are not merely accessories; they are a testament to the brand's legacy of luxury, craftsmanship, and distinctive design. From their conception to creation, every detail of the Matassa earrings reflects De Grisogono's dedication to excellence and innovation.

Crafted from 18k yellow gold, the Matassa earrings exude a warm, inviting glow that complements any skin tone. The gold used in these earrings is carefully selected for its purity and luster, ensuring that each pair offers an unparalleled shine that is both captivating and elegant. The choice of 18k gold, known for its perfect balance of strength and beauty, guarantees that these earrings not only look exquisite but are also durable enough to be cherished for generations.

The design of the Matassa earrings is a marvel of creativity and engineering. The name 'Matassa' itself suggests complexity and intricacy, reminiscent of a tangled skein of yarn that has been elegantly unraveled to reveal a pattern of stunning beauty and complexity. This imagery is captured in the fluid lines and graceful curves of the earrings, which mimic the organic forms found in nature and art. The design is both modern and timeless, making these earrings a versatile addition to any jewelry collection.

One of the most innovative features of the Matassa earrings is their folding posts. This unique design element addresses a common challenge in earring wearability: the ability to comfortably accommodate both pierced and non-pierced ears. With a simple yet ingenious mechanism, the posts can be folded down for those without piercings, allowing the earrings to be worn as clips. For those with pierced ears, the posts unfold and function as traditional earrings. This versatility ensures that the Matassa earrings are not just a piece of jewelry but a flexible accessory that can adapt to the wearer's needs.

The folding post mechanism is a testament to De Grisogono's commitment to combining functionality with luxury. It is meticulously engineered to ensure ease of use, security, and comfort, without compromising on the aesthetic appeal of the earrings. The mechanism is seamlessly integrated into the design, maintaining the sleek and elegant silhouette of the earrings. This attention to detail is what sets De Grisogono apart in the world of luxury jewelry, where both form and function are paramount.

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De Grisogono Matassa Yellow Gold Earrings Details

SKU 0003469
Brand De Grisogono
Condition Pre-owned
Color Yellow
Weight 41.8 grams
Material Yellow Gold
Hallmarks DeGrisogono, 750, Serial
Accessories Our Gift Box

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De Grisogono Backstory

De Grisogono Jewelry was founded in 1993 by Fawaz Gruosi in Geneva, Switzerland; interestingly, the name's origin in Greek means "begotten of gold." The Mediterranean's waters and landscapes provided substantial inspiration for Gruosi's jewelry.

Gruosi's signature designs draw a dedicated and elite clientele, which drives him to create glamourous pieces. Grisogono jewelry reignited excitement for the rare black diamond. "The Spirit of De Grisogono" was introduced to the world in 2002. This breathtaking ring features a 312.30-carat black diamond. Not surprisingly, it was featured at the History Museum in Paris.

Not only is De Grisogono famous for their jewelry with melodies of color but also watches. Their watch collection is considered top of the line for precision and finely crafted works of art. Collections range in styles to fit any discerning client or activity. 

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