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Fred of Paris Jewelry was created in 1966 by Argentine-born Fred Samuel. His family cultivated his reputation and knowledge of precious stones, pearls, and diamonds. Before long, Mr. Samuel was recognized as a leading expert in his field. Today boutiques carrying his signature designs can be found internationally.

Fred Jewellery Showcases The Force 10 Collection which has proven to be captivating and timeless since it hit the market and interesting enough was initially made of stainless steel. This bold fashion piece, with its woven cable patterns, attracts women from multiple generations. Several of the collections are customizable with numerous color or metal options, including the Force 10.

Fred of Paris is known for making the infamous necklace showcased in the award-winning movie “Pretty Woman” starring Julia Roberts and Richard Gere. The necklace is embellished with diamonds and rubies inset on 18k white gold.

Fred of Paris is a luxury jeweler showcasing popular collections Chance Infinie, Pretty Woman, Pain de Sucre, Success, Une Île d'or, Ombre Féline

Chance Infinie

A good way to seize an opportunity is to take a chance. This is how Fred Samuel first began his journey, and his mindset for creating the Chance Infinie collection; designed to celebrate the rarity and delicacy of femininity. Made in homage to the lemniscate, a sign of infinity and eternity, the Infinite Chance motif represents eternity. Once you find it, wear it close to your heart as if it were a talisman.

The Chance Infinie collection is available as pendant necklaces, bracelets, and earrings showcasing pave set diamonds, and rubies or, as well as other stones like amethyst and turquoise, these soft and feminine pieces radiate confidence and joy.

Une Île d'or

Une Île d'Or is an exotic new line that's sophisticated and modern, but also feels light and carefree. Boasting a thousand points of light, it shimmers against the skin, delivering the luminous finish you've always wanted.

These pieces are crafted with exquisite, sensual detail in mind. When you wear them, you'll feel as if your skin is being gently bathed by a shimmering sea of gold.

A Une Île d’Or never seems untouchable, but it always inspires wonder. The subtle form is awe-inspiring and irresistible, for a touch of sensuality with the aura of gold or shining with diamonds. Transcendent in gold or sparkling in diamonds, the collection's sun-lit hedonism captures one's attention instantaneously.


Stylish and modern, Success makes the case for a dynamic style that features both straight lines and curves. It is rich in opposites-geometry and sensuality. The circular, square shapes are universal symbols for design that's clean and modern. The Success collection unifies materials with natural elements to create an artful, harmonious look that is also seductive, thanks to designs that are deliberately alluring or playful. Mutual attraction brings both shapes and textures together; it's minimalism that fools the eye with an unexpectedly voluptuous touch. These creations celebrate both design and the jeweler's art.

Pain de Sucre

Pain de Sucre is French for “Sugarloaf”, which evokes visions of delicious delicacies and tropical destinations. What's great about Pain de Sucre, though, is that it's a specific kind of cutting that FRED specializes in-the ability to reveal the beauty in precious stones. This carefully crafted cabochon technique brings out the brilliance and splendor in colors too beautiful to be real. The wearer will be able to customize Pain de Sucre to match their mood or desires-no two pieces are alike because they're interchangeable. In this way, they'll change according to variations of light, changing colors with each new brightness. You'll find silhouettes that are far from ordinary; here at Pain de Sucre you can make wild decisions at a moment’s notice-if you want them to!

Pretty Woman

FRED has always been devoted to celebrating love, and their collection is no exception: Pretty Woman! For Edward Samuel, the Vice-President of FRED and Artistic Director, Pretty Woman is something special. “For all of us at Frederic Maison it wasn’t just a name given to an exceptional piece of jewelry by Hollywood. It was something much more meaningful to each of us because in 1990 our Rodeo Drive store on Beverly Hills received the visit from the production team for Pretty Woman. We had no idea that pairing a necklace made up of hearts set with diamonds and rubies with Julia Roberts’ infectious laugh and Richard Gere’s elegance would result in a moment frozen in time which 13 million people around the world would want to know about. In short, Pretty Woman became synonymous with our House” he says.

Ombre Féline

Feline paws are delicate, lithe, and powerful. Fred Samuel created Ombre Féline to evoke the graceful power of these velvet-soft feline paws in the 1960s. Check out this classic item, with two kitty prints artfully crossed one over the other.

This new edition pays tribute to a special woman, who was especially dear to Fred Samuel and about whom he had fond memories: Princess Grace. As the guest of honor at the opening of the FRED boutique in Monaco, she wore one of her favorite rings - a panther ring that Fred remarked she always kept with her.

Fleur Celeste

When shopping for an engagement ring, it is important to find a style that suits your taste. For those who prefer something a little more unique and subtle, the Fleur Celeste diamond engagement ring from Fred of France may be perfect. The rings features a round brilliant cut center diamond usually set in platinum.

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