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Graff is a renowned name in the world of luxury high jewelry, synonymous with exceptional craftsmanship, breathtaking designs, and unparalleled quality. Founded by Laurence Graff in 1960, the London-based brand has built a stellar reputation for crafting exquisite pieces that showcase the finest diamonds and gemstones, with meticulous attention to detail and a deep understanding of the art of jewelry making.

Popular Graff Collections:

  1. Butterfly Collection: The Graff Butterfly Collection is a captivating testament to the brand's expertise in creating enchanting, nature-inspired designs. Featuring an array of delicate butterflies adorned with the finest diamonds and gemstones, this collection symbolizes transformation, beauty, and grace. Each piece is expertly crafted to capture the essence of these ethereal creatures, with intricate details and fluid lines that bring them to life.

  2. Spiral Collection: The Graff Spiral Collection is an elegant representation of the brand's mastery in sculpting fluid and harmonious designs. Inspired by the eternal movement and energy of the spiral, each piece showcases an artful arrangement of dazzling diamonds and gemstones, set in a swirling pattern that evokes a sense of continuity and timelessness.

  3. Laurence Graff Signature Collection: The Laurence Graff Signature Collection pays homage to the brand's founder and his unwavering passion for diamonds. Featuring iconic designs that showcase the exceptional brilliance and fire of Graff's finest diamonds, this collection is a celebration of the brand's enduring commitment to crafting extraordinary jewelry pieces that leave a lasting impression.

  4. Tilda's Bow Collection: Inspired by Tilda Swinton's portrayal of the Marchioness of Dufferin and Ava in the movie "Orlando," the Tilda's Bow Collection features stunning bow-shaped designs adorned with the finest diamonds and gemstones. Each piece is expertly crafted to capture the elegance and glamour of this timeless motif, making it a perfect addition to any jewelry collection.

  5. MasterGraff Collection: The MasterGraff Collection showcases Graff's expertise in creating exceptional timepieces that blend high jewelry artistry with horological innovation. Each timepiece is adorned with the finest diamonds and gemstones, expertly set to create intricate patterns and designs that are both visually stunning and technically remarkable.

These are just a few of the remarkable collections that have earned Graff its reputation as a leader in the world of luxury high jewelry. With a commitment to exceptional craftsmanship, innovative designs, and the highest quality materials, Graff continues to create breathtaking pieces that are cherished by discerning jewelry connoisseurs around the world.

Is Graff jewelry a good brand?

For over half a century our House has represented the rarest gemstones. Generations of the Graff family have employed their expertise and experience, personally selecting every stone and – uniquely among diamond houses – presiding over every step of its journey. No stage is bypassed. No shortcuts are taken. Only perfection matters.

Is Graff a luxury brand?

The craftsmen who work with the company produce an astonishing level of dexterity, precision, and patience. It is thanks to their hard work and attention to detail that Graff can bring out the hidden beauty in gemstones. With unlimited passion for their work and steady hands, these craftsmen produce one exquisite piece after another.

Are Graff Diamonds the best?

The Queen's Award is an award given to companies that play a significant role in international trade and industry. Graff is the first jeweller to receive this award. They received it for the third time in 2014, 20 years after the most recent one. The Queen's Award for Enterprise (now known as the Queen's Award for Industry and Export) is considered to be the highest accolade for a British company. It can be awarded following thorough examination of applicants by Advisory Committee members consisting of leading representatives from industry and commerce.

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