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Founded in Milan's international fashion capital, Pomellato jewelry is synonymous with color and creativity by revolutionizing women's jewelry with distinctive designs. In 1967, Pino Rabolini Pomellato harnessed renowned artists, peculiar gem cuts, and visionary designs to build a distinctive modern beautiful style. Artisan's capabilities are honed and fostered with the support of extensive training programs.

Pomellato jewelry was designed for women who understand the value of timeless art. The jewelry embodies ethical values such as sustainable sourcing of gold, transparent and traceable sourcing of diamonds and colored stones, strong human resource values, and empowers women leadership.

Whether adorning the chic Sabbia collection of diamonds ornately nestled into metal, or a feminine ring from the Capri collection with a contrast of transparent sea and sand colors; each piece will speak to its owner knowing that multiple artisans were involved in the design process.

Pomellato jewelry is a pioneer in ready-to-wear jewelry. Cutting-edge design blends with the time-honored tradition of goldsmiths, consider the rough gemstone earrings and fine rings of the Nudo collection. In addition to Iconica's low-key necklaces and bracelets, the label has also been certified by the Responsible Jewellery Council. Pomellato has had a positive impact while protecting its cultural and historical heritage.

  1. Is Pomellato a luxury brand?

Yes, Pomellato is considered a luxury brand in the world of fine jewelry. Established in 1967, Pomellato has become renowned for its exquisite craftsmanship, unique designs, and high-quality materials. The brand has gained a reputation for creating jewelry that embodies sophistication, elegance, and artistic expression. With its emphasis on innovative designs and meticulous attention to detail, Pomellato has established itself as a luxury brand coveted by jewelry enthusiasts around the globe.

  1. Where is Pomellato jewelry made?

Pomellato jewelry is primarily crafted in Milan, Italy. The brand takes immense pride in its Italian heritage and the rich tradition of Italian jewelry craftsmanship. Each piece of Pomellato jewelry undergoes a meticulous production process that combines traditional techniques with modern innovations. From the initial design sketches to the final creation, skilled artisans in Italy bring the vision of Pomellato's designers to life. The brand's commitment to preserving Italian craftsmanship is evident in the exceptional quality and distinctive beauty of every piece of Pomellato jewelry.

  1. What is Pomellato known for?

Pomellato is widely recognized for its bold and unconventional designs, as well as its innovative use of colored gemstones. The brand has a distinct aesthetic characterized by vibrant gemstones, organic shapes, and a playfulness that sets it apart in the world of luxury jewelry. Pomellato is particularly renowned for its Nudo collection, which features gemstone rings and pendants in a variety of captivating hues. The Nudo collection's customizable nature allows wearers to express their individuality and create unique combinations. Additionally, Pomellato is known for its iconic use of rose gold, which has become a signature of the brand. Overall, Pomellato's jewelry is celebrated for its exceptional design, craftsmanship, and ability to evoke emotion and self-expression in those who wear it.

Pomellato, the renowned Italian fine jewelry maison, has been a leader in creating innovative, bold, and colorful designs since its inception in 1967. It fuses tradition with contemporary aesthetics, offering collections that exude originality, uniqueness, and character. These attributes make Pomellato pieces much more than just accessories; they are expressions of individuality and style.

Iconic Pomellato Collections

Pomellato's jewelry collections are renowned for their creativity, audacity, and color. Here are some of the maison's most popular collections:

  1. Nudo: The Nudo collection is undoubtedly one of Pomellato’s most iconic lines. Its name, 'Nudo,' means 'nude' in Italian, referencing the 'naked' and prong-less way the gemstones are set. This setting allows the full brilliance and color of the stones to shine through. The collection features a wide variety of stones, including amethyst, blue topaz, and prasiolite, allowing for personal expression and versatility.

  2. M'ama non M'ama: Translating to 'He loves me, he loves me not,' this collection captures the mood of uncertainty and anticipation associated with picking petals off a daisy. It features colorful gemstones like garnets, amethysts, and topaz, each color symbolizing a different sentiment, from passion and love to hope and joy.

  3. Sabbia: The Sabbia collection captures the essence of sand with pavé diamonds that sparkle like sunlit beaches. The collection offers a variety of shapes and colors, including brown, black, and white diamonds, meticulously set in rose gold.

  4. Ritratto: Ritratto, meaning 'portrait' in Italian, celebrates the beauty of colored gemstones with bold, portrait-like cuts. The collection showcases large, uniquely cut stones like smoky quartz, amethyst, and topaz, capturing the light in stunning ways.

Pomellato's Craftsmanship and Ethical Responsibility

Pomellato's success rests on its masterful blend of artistry and craftsmanship. The maison’s artisans employ traditional goldsmith techniques infused with innovative practices, ensuring each piece is made with precision, care, and a high level of detail.

Pomellato is also deeply committed to responsible and sustainable business practices. It was one of the first jewelry brands to join the Responsible Jewellery Council (RJC) and has spearheaded initiatives to ensure all its gold is responsibly sourced. The brand is also committed to using only ethically sourced gemstones, further cementing its dedication to social and environmental responsibility.

Pomellato stands out in the realm of fine jewelry for its bold, avant-garde designs and vibrant, colorful gemstones. It has revolutionized the jewelry landscape, offering pieces that embody individuality, modernity, and everyday luxury. Whether it's the versatile Nudo, the romantic M'ama non M'ama, the sparkling Sabbia, or the dramatic Ritratto, Pomellato's collections continue to captivate and charm jewelry lovers worldwide.

By upholding stringent ethical standards and demonstrating exceptional craftsmanship, Pomellato ensures its creations are not just stunning, but also embody values that resonate with the modern consumer. Owning a piece of Pomellato jewelry is not just a statement of style, but also a testament to the wearer's commitment to sustainable and responsible luxury.

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