Pomellato Chain Link Yellow Gold Necklace

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About Pomellato Chain Link Yellow Gold Necklace

Pomellato, renowned for its avant-garde designs, exquisite craftsmanship, and innovative artistry, presents its Chain Link Yellow Gold Necklace—a testament to the brand's dedication to superior quality and timeless style.

Constructed from 18kt yellow gold, the chain has a luminous, sun-kissed hue that bodies the warmth and luxury synonymous with such a material. Every link in the chain reflects Pomellato's commitment to precision, ensuring that the necklace not only looks refined but also sits comfortably around the neck. The meticulously crafted links offer a tactile allure, with their smooth, polished surfaces inviting touch and admiration.

Yellow gold is a classic in jewelry design, offering both durability and a rich, warm color that evokes feelings of opulence. It's a metal that has been loved for millennia, and in the hands of Pomellato's skilled artisans, it transforms into a necklace that is both contemporary and timeless.

Measuring at a versatile 20 inches in length, the necklace strikes a harmonious balance between presence and subtlety. It drapes gracefully around the neck, making it perfect for both daily wear and special occasions. The length ensures the necklace can be paired with a variety of necklines, from elegant evening gowns to casual blouses, adding a touch of sophistication to any outfit.

The cable chain link design adds an element of geometric appeal. Each link fits seamlessly into the next, creating a continuous flow that captures the eye. The chain possesses a robustness, suggesting strength and durability, while still maintaining an elegant and refined aesthetic.

Perhaps the most distinctive feature of this necklace is its clasp—two large ovals made from pristine white gold. These ovals are not mere functional elements but standout design features in their own right. Their cool, silvery sheen contrasts exquisitely with the warm glow of the yellow gold chain, creating a visual play that's both intriguing and aesthetically pleasing.

The juxtaposition of yellow and white gold isn't just a design choice; it's symbolic. It speaks to the union of opposites, the harmony of differences, and the coming together of two distinct elements to create something beautiful.

The necklace measures 20" in length and can be worn as a bracelet as well. The necklace has a weight of 85.7 grams.

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Pomellato Chain Link Yellow Gold Necklace Details

SKU 0000922
Brand Pomellato
Condition Pre-owned
Color White
Weight 85.7 grams
Material Multi-Tone Gold
Hallmarks Pomellato, 750
Accessories Our Gift Box

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Pomellato Backstory

Founded in Milan's international fashion capital, Pomellato jewelry is synonymous with color and creativity by revolutionizing women's jewelry with distinctive designs. In 1967, Pino Rabolini Pomellato harnessed renowned artists, peculiar gem cuts, and visionary designs to build a distinctive modern beautiful style. Artisan's capabilities are honed and fostered with the support of extensive training programs.

Pomellato jewelry was designed for women who understand the value of timeless art. The jewelry embodies ethical values such as sustainable sourcing of gold, transparent and traceable sourcing of diamonds and colored stones, strong human resource values, and empowers women leadership.

Whether adorning the chic Sabbia collection of diamonds ornately nestled into metal, or a feminine ring from the Capri collection with a contrast of transparent sea and sand colors; each piece will speak to its owner knowing that multiple artisans were involved in the design process.

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