4 New Exciting Luxury Jewelry Collections in 2021

Wearing a smile enhances your beauty. What if you wore your beautiful smile with some touch of jewelry? Outstanding and sleek would be the word! Jewelry, be it a necklace, earrings, timepiece, bracelets, or rings is essential for any fashionista. If you love being extra with your glam, grab as much as you can! After all you want to serve us looks, right?

That bomb glow everyone would die for. Figure out, attending an occasion and literally everyone is like, “Your necklace looks fine. Your ring is exquisite. That bracelet is amazing! Where can I purchase a timepiece exactly like yours? Who’s your earrings plug?” The thought of your jewelry thrilling to folks by a simple look makes you proud. Knowing that your jewelry collection is the best.

New year, new collection. You wouldn’t want wearing some ancient pieces of course! You will always want the best. Keeping up with the current trend. Attracting crowds fascinated by your jewelry.

Here’s a list of exciting luxury jewelry collection coming up that you shouldn’t miss out in 2021.

RoseDior Collection

Roses are beautiful flowers. Imagine a bouquet of roses that are wearable. Just as wonderful that looks, Christian Dior’s unleashing a wearable bouquet of sapphire, diamond, and a dazzling inlay of precious stones. Named RoseDior, this expensive line of jewelry is dedicated to Monsieur Dior as a celebratory of his favorite flower, the rose.

The bouquet has a total of fifty-four figurative pieces, crafted with expertise. This isn’t the first time the line is plucking some garden inspiration. A decade ago, Bal des Roses reinterpreted thorns, buds, and blooms into sensational earrings, necklaces and rose rings all ornately decorated with a touch of gems. This new breathtaking collection follows the inherent house of Dior’s motif of flowers, yet elevating it.

Including opulent necklaces, earrings, bracelets and timepieces, this collection diversifies from a bud plucked very early before sunshine to blossoming petals in the beautiful sunset. Bracelets are fabricated in textured gold giving them the tenor of real plants. Shaped in a bloom, pink sapphire petals steadily rotate to hide a secret watch.

An alterable rose brooch rests on top of a necklace that’s rose gold with beautiful yellow gold leaves. And, a white-gold necklace with a touch of dewdrop- like briolette-cut diamonds holds the tourmaline. With over eight carats of sapphire rose. Evidently, this is one garden you wouldn’t mind taking care of. What is luckier that landing your hands on such a bouquet?

Graff’s New Tribal Collection

If you want exquisite diamonds, Graff is the place. This jewelry house bases in London has set world records when it comes to diamond acquisitions. As a powerful jeweler, they cut, polish and does inhouse setting of the incredible diamonds.

Coincidence? Graff unveiled Tribal; its newest collection during the spring equinox. The collection concentrates on yellow and white diamonds, with one outstanding emerald suite. All these, designed in a perfect sculptural motif. The collection’s motifs are inspired by the sun, stars, and the sky. Ideally, stories our ancestors believed of the heavens above and the world around them.

Francois Graff, the CEO says Tribal gets its inspiration from a magical folklore of a girl that created stars. To him, the timeless and iconic symbols evoke the feeling of man being connected to the world. Tribal sets the bar high for high jewelry pushing the limits of craftsmanship, creativity, and exceptional stones. These pieces have amazing, architectural designs.

They exhibit abstract ovals with either round or pear-cut diamonds within. For an almost lace-inspired design and delicate look, the Graff cuff bracelet and chocker alternate the oval and round diamonds.

The New Dawn collection gets its inspiration from the sun’s rays above the horizon during sunrise. The collection is set in either white or yellow diamonds or both. From a significant stone, the diamond rays spiral. Other pieces focusing on geometric positions. The necklace collection has 374 yellow and white pear-shaped diamonds with at the center, a Yellow diamond.

Night Moon Collection has glittering and shimmery diamonds reminiscing the starry night skies. Purely inspired by the elemental shapes in nature, the pieces feature the striking geometrical motifs of the half moon.

Cartier Love Necklace

In 1969, Aldo Cipullo an Italian jewelry designer who was working at Cartier created the Love bracelet: French house’s most outstanding styles. Made up of two golden arcs joining together as a symbol of undying allegiance, the piece has been reinvented in several variations, with the latest being the sleek gold necklace. The necklace is available in rose gold and yellow. With a new hinged design collar, the necklace comes with Love collection’s signature motif stamped on it.

Tiffany’s ‘Colors of Nature’ Blue Book Collection

In 2021, Tiffany & Co. unveiled its high-jewelry line in China for its Blue Book Collection. The collection took to North Bund to display not less than five hundred pieces high jewelry collection from its brand.

This year, the theme is “Colors of Nature” apace with Jean Schlumberger creations which are the signatures the house is eminent for, as well as the Empire Diamond of more than eighty carat. Exalted as the brand’s most costly item, the latter, the D-color and oval-shaped internally flawless diamond is anticipated to fetch something close to eight-figure range. The piece is inspired by the World’s Fair necklace of 1939. The name originates from Tiffany’s New York City roots.

The choice heavily lies with you. The pieces might cost you a dime but they are worth every dollar you will spend. Everything about them is unique and exquisite. If you love yourself and don’t mind spending on what makes you happy, this is it!