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Ever since the brand was founded by Coco Chanel in Paris in 1909, Chanel jewelry has been synonymous with class and beauty. The iconic Chanel logo is one of the most featured designs throughout both vintage Chanel jewelry lines and the more modern staples. Its iconic logo is recognized around the world as one of the most revered status symbols and has featured prominently in the Chanel lines for the last six decades.

Wearing Chanel fine jewelry elevates your entire look to a new level of sophistication. Whether you are a fan of classic vintage Chanel jewelry or prefer some of the trendier Chanel fine jewelry, there are gorgeous options for all styles. Chanel jewelry makes a beautiful statement of luxury and fine taste.

The house founded by Gabrielle Chanel in 1910 is arguably the most famous fashion house in the world. From revolutionizing post-war women's wear and the accessibility of jewelry to the iconic Chanel suit to the most well known perfume on earth, Chanel is a brand which hardly needs introduction.

Chanel has been and remains a trailblazing force in the fashion world with its timeless integrity of the inherent style in simplicity. Chanel jewelry designs such as the Maltese cross and the camellia remain iconic to the brand, and their fine jewelry lines are an essential and no less iconic facet of the Chanel look, combining the elegance and luxury of jewelry with the clean silhouettes and perfectly draped fabrics essential to the sophisticated aesthetic of the French fashion house.

Chanel Rings

The camellia was Gabrielle Chanel's favorite flower, and the legacy of her taste is none the less powerful today. Chanel's current Camélia line celebrates the delicate but abundant floral form with an 18k pink gold piece of ingenuity: a transformable ring. The Extrait de Camélia is crafted with two half-circles and three diamond-studded blossoms of varying size. The half-circles can be combined to make a double ring, or separated to create the look of two Chanel rings.

The Pétales de Camélia rings is another innovative design from the Camélia line. An 18k yellow gold outline of a camellia set with a single diamond is reminisce of a dreamy sketch--and split in two to create the illusion of a flower held between the fingers.


Chanel Necklaces

Chanel's high jewelry collection, known simply as No.5, is a resplendent celebration of the meticulous and exacting standards that lead to the creation of Chanel--and arguably the world's--most iconic fragrance. The pièce de résistance is without a doubt the ingenious dazzle of the No.5 necklace, whose 55.5 carat diamond centerpiece alludes to the crystal clear and impeccable design of the glass bottle itself, which tapers off like poured liquid into diamond tear-drops of varying lengths. An outstanding piece of design and concept, this necklace will surely persist in the archives of Chanel jewelry design for generations to come.

The Comète Chevron line of the fine jewelry collection features a transformable 18k diamond and white gold necklace, in which not only the length is adjustable, but the diamond-encrusted comet piece can be removed and worn as a brooch as well. Shop all Chanel necklaces here now.


Chanel Earrings

Just as Chanel has a high jewelry collection that pays tribute to their No. 5 perfume, so does the Chanel earrings jewelry collection: but this collection uses the number itself to make the connection. A long diamond drop dangling from a sparkling five can be adjusted to become a classic diamond stud; the other five is made of 18k white gold and is attached at the stud to its teardrop dangle.

Plume da Chanel from the fine jewelry collection features transformable earrings--but in this case the earrings can be either a clipon worn at the top of the ear or a post worn as a stud. A cultured pearl nestles at the base of a luxurious diamond encrusted feather; sure to add elegance and refinement to any outfit of either day or night.

Another dazzling piece of diamond and cultured pearl is the Comète Perlée ear cuff. The stud is worn at the base of the ear lobe, but the entire piece extends along the ear like a dazzling constellation of glittering stars and a luminescent scattering of pearls. This unique piece will transform any look into an individual expression of style.

Chanel Bracelets

In its fine jewelry collection, Chanel's Coco Crush line is another allusion to the iconic innovations of the brand; this time to the quilted pattern made famous on Chanel suits and handbags. This quilted pattern has been carefully and perfectly crafted on the most unexpected of surfaces: 18k beige gold. The front piece of the circlet has been set with diamonds in a delicate arrangement that fades into just a few perfectly placed stones. The back features a hidden clasp for an infinite look. This classic bracelet is an understated, elegant way to pay tribute to the brand by expressing your own impeccable style.

The Ruban collection takes the couture technique of weaving ribbon in and out of garments and applies it to a beige or white gold and diamond piece that can be worn around the wrist in an impeccable gesture of personal style. Within this collection are elegant bow-like twists or varying sizes which adds sophistication to any classic look. Shop all Chanel bracelets we have in stock now.

On Opulent Jewelers, collections of Chanel Fine Jewelry include Coco Crush, Camélia, N°5, Ultra, Comète, Sous le Signe du Lion, Plume de CHANEL, Ruban, Baroque & Chanel High Jewelry.

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