How To Spot A Fake Cartier Love Bracelet

  1. How To Spot A Fake Cartier Love Bracelet

How to Spot a Fake Cartier Love Bracelet

Cartier’s iconic Love Bracelet is one of the world’s most beloved luxury jewelry pieces. An A-lister favorite, the bracelet has been coveted by celebrities and royalty such as Angelina Jolie, Mila Kunis, Kylie Jenner, Kate Middleton, and countless others. Unfortunately, we live in a world where knockoff jewelry is everywhere, and the most popular pieces are at the highest risk of fraud production. Nobody wants to part with their hard-earned cash only to find out their piece is a fake! That’s why we've put together this guide to help you separate the real deal from an imposter.

It is becoming increasingly difficult to have a Cartier Love bracelet verified for authenticity, as Cartier themselves don’t even participate in this process anymore. So it’s more important than ever to be your own advocate and sharpen your eyes as well as your wisdom so that you’re an expert on true Cartier Love bracelets before you purchase one.

Luckily, while some fakes are pretty darn good at emulating the legendary bracelet, there are some clear red flags that will set off buyer’s alarm bells. Here’s how to spot a fake Cartier Love bracelet so you never get fooled!

1.  Check the Stamps

Many fake Cartier bracelets have the stamped Cartier logo on both sides of the bracelet, and the font appears smudged. The real deal features the logo on one side, in crisp, clear cursive. The font is very important, and you can usually spot a fake by looking at it closely. The Cartier stamp is unmistakable, so we recommend holding a photo of a true Cartier logo next to the piece in question for comparison.

Furthermore, the stamping should look neat, legible and bold, whereas fakes have a sloppy look to them. Watch out for the Cartier name being misspelled, as this is another clear indicator of a fake. 18K gold Love bracelets have an 18K or “750” stamp, and sometimes both, so keep an eye out for this as well. The patterned stamp on the outside of the bracelet is a dead giveaway tool. Pay close attention to the screw stamps. They should be etched right into the metal, should appear smooth and clean, and have a consistent pattern.

Cartier Love Bracelet Real Vs Fake

2.    Major Bargain? Total Fake!

The price is one of the best ways to spot a fake Cartier Love bracelet. We know it’s easy to get swept up in the idea of obtaining a luxury piece for a fraction of the cost, but the fact of the matter is this: luxury jewelry goes for luxury prices. You can’t really have it both ways - if you want absolute assurance that you’ve got the real thing, you’re going to have to pay top dollar and buy from a reputable source.

But isn’t it better to shell out your money for an authentic piece? We say yes. In general, even pre-owned Cartier Love bracelets go for more than $4,000. We hate to say it, but if you’ve nabbed a “Cartier” bracelet for significantly less than that, chances are high that is a fraud.

3. Color Matters

Authentic Cartier Love Bracelets are crafted in solid gold or platinum. Whether it's rose gold, white gold or yellow gold, the metal is pure, with a brilliant shine and an unmistakable quality. Brassy or chrome-like tones? Tarnish? A gold-plated look? Fake, fake, fake!! And it’s pretty likely that there are imitation diamonds in the imitation bracelet as well. Be on the lookout!

Cartier Love Bracelet Real Vs Fake Screw Guide

4. The Closure

The Cartier Love bracelet features a clamp and screw closure (with an identical screw stamp to the one on the bracelet). It should be smooth, with clear, defined stamping, and the screw itself should fit into the screwdriver with ease, requiring hardly any effort to open and close the bracelet. So if your bracelet has no give and you have to put elbow grease into opening it, you’re likely looking at an inauthentic piece.

5. Return Policy

If a seller has nothing to hide and no reason to be concerned that they are purveying authentic goods, they should have a clear, simple and reasonable return policy. There’s no reason why you shouldn’t be able to return your bracelet if you discover it’s a fake, and any seller that does not accept returns is likely doing so because they are selling fake pieces. Be very aware of the return policy before you buy!

The Cartier Love bracelet is a statement piece that is loved globally. One of the most-purchased luxury jewelry pieces ever, it’s not hard to believe that many sellers take advantage of its status by trying to dupe people into buying fakes. We hope this NEVER happens to you, and that this little guide can offer you some insight and guidance so that nothing but glorious, authentic Cartier touches your wrist.